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My Highly-Esteemed and Learned Entrepreneur, This App is for you if you are Planning to Enter the Mobile App Behemoth! Why am I saying so? As Per FinanceOnline Data, in the Year 2020 alone, Smartphone Users around the world had Downloaded 218 Billion Apps. Now it is Safe to Say that this Industry is Going Strong and Prospering. If you own a Mobile App Development Company, you’d be Facing Stiff Competition from your 26.9 Million Competitors Globally!



Trust Me, Don’t Google Which All Mobile Apps are Highest in Demand. You have got to do some Groundwork! But you don’t have to Sweat it out, Hire an Analyst! It is this Specialist who’d Conduct Thorough and In-Depth Surveys to Determine Which All Types of Mobile Apps are Highest in Demand. Forbes Report Suggests that the Top 10 Mobile Apps in the World includes Just One Music Streaming App.

Meta is the Top-Most Mobile App Development Company Ever! They have Earned it! How? Four of its Softwares have Made it to the List. Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Messenger! 


This Gives you an Insight into What All Genres of Mobile Apps are in Vogue! Only one Audio App has Made it to the List- Spotify. But Do You Know that this Music Streaming Category is Expected to Grow into $10.01 Billion US Industry by 2023? Yes! At Least this is what TechNavio Report Suggests.

Are you Getting Curious About Which All Apps Dominate this Industry? Spotify, Resso, YouTube Music, StarMaker, Shazam, SoundCloud, Amazon Music, Wynk Music, Music Player and JioSaavn.


In the Year 2021 Alone, there were 2.66 Billion Users of such Mobile Gaming Apps – Report by Statista. Do you know which was the Most Downloaded Mobile Video Game for the Month of March in 2020 as Per Sensor Tower Data? “Slap Kings” which is owned by the Biggest Game Publisher of the United States of America – Lion Studios! Surprisingly, only 8 Percent of the Teenagers are Gamers. This is a Piece of Factual Data Taken from the Book “Technology and Adolescent Mental Health” Published by Springer!


Many Published Research Papers and Journals have Concluded that Shopping is one of the Effective Antidepressants! It doesn’t Matter if you Shop from a Brick-and-Mortar Store or Place an Online Order from the Following List of E-Shopping Platforms:-

  • Shopee
  • Meesho
  • Amazon Shopping
  • Flipkart
  • AliExpress
  • Wish
  • Pinduoduo
  • Lazada, and
  • Alibaba

It’s Never Enough! You Always End Up Desiring For More! And Credit Card Companies specifically Target such Shopaholics around the World who Go Gaga Every Single Time they Go Shopping. Even a Hollywood Movie has been Made on it to Showcase the True Shopping Mania – “Confessions of a Shopaholic” Starring Actress Isla Fisher and Heartthrob Hugh Lancy! 


You Have to First Understand the Demographics of the Regions you are Launching your App into. For Example: In Thailand, the Fastest Mode of Transportation is Moto Rides (Two-Wheelers) which goes through Maze-Like Narrow Streets like a Pro and Reaches Destination on Time. But if you’ll include Only Sedans and SUVs in your Taxi Booking Component, then you are Inciting Trouble!

Then, you have got to be Self-Intuitive. Hire Delivery Drivers and Encourage Professional Service Providers to Register with the App. 

Be Crystal Clear about What All Services and Features you’d be Providing through your App. And Also Decide Which Business Model is Best Suited for you. There are Primarily Two Profit-Centric Models such as:-


The App Owner has Only One Source of Income, apart from Third-Party Advertising Revenue from Tech Giants like Facebook and Google, and that is Earning Commission on Every Order Successfully Placed and Delivered. The Registered Service Providers or Taxi Drivers are Obligated to Pay some Amount of their Earnings Per Order to the Admin.


In this case, the Service Provider has to make a One-Time Payment Instead of buying a Subscription Plan that fits their budget. And These Plans are Different From Each Other in Terms of Validity Periods and Benefits offered. It may also arise each week, each month, each quarter, or maybe annually. There is no need to pay commissions once the plan is activated. And Right Before the Plan is About to Expire, the Admin Reminds the Service Provider to Renew the Plan Before Termination Date.


Because if you Are, then there’s No Stopping you in Defeating Tesla’s Elon Musk to become the World’s First Ever Trillionaire! And Even if you haven’t Explored this Realm of E-Commerce, Now is the Time! But the Most Crucial Decision you Have to Make is to Decide What Category of Mobile Apps you’d show Interest In!


Gojek Clone is the World’s Biggest Super App that has More Than 82 Services to Offer through its Digital Platform! And Interestingly, All of these Services are Available as Individual Apps As Well! Let’s Dive Right Into it! You can order online taxis, cabs, and motorcycles, food, groceries, medicines, stationery, flowers, and even medical herbs.

Get handymen like Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Painters, Sanitizing and Disinfecting Agents. What if I Tell you that your Customers can even Bargain Service Charges with them to Get the Best Possible Deal. It is through the Process Called Service Bidding. It is such a Complex App to Code from Ground Zero that No Ordinary Mobile App Development Company can even Dare to Think About it let Alone White-Label it for Smart Entrepreneurs like you!  


This Super App has been Stacked with Features that Bring Convenience to its Customers in the Post-Traumatic World of Novel-Coronavirus! Pandemic isn’t Over Yet! It is Still Lurking Around and Infecting Masses! For This Reason Alone, People have Stopped Going Out Altogether No Matter What Happens! They’ll Stay Put! That’s the Terror of this Highly-Contagious Airborne Covid-19 Virus!

That is when Experienced App Developers thought of Creating a Feature that Allows its Customers to Video Call the Professional Directly. This Entirely Eliminates the Need to Meet Sector Specialists in Person to have their Expert Opinion. 


Much Larger Chunk of the Global Population owns Car and with Busy Schedule, Your Customer too would want to Hire a Professional Car Wash Expert for Full-Service Clean. Data Published by DetailProPOS.COM Declare that this Car Washing Industry was worth $33 Billion US Dollars back in 2018. This comes under Service Providers’ On Demand Module wherein the Customer Selects the Service Location – Either One’s Residential Address or Service Center of the Washer!


The Food Delivery Industry Worldwide is Expected to Hit $192.5 Billion US Dollars’ Milestone by 2025 – PR Newswire. On the Other Hand, TechNavio Reports that the Global Grocery Delivery Industry will increase by $800 Billion US Dollars between the Time Frame of 2020 and 2025. 

But Here is an Interesting Scoop of Information, this Grocery Service Delivery Industry in the United States of America is Expected to touch $243 Billion US Dollars Mark by the End of the Year 2025 – According to Insider Intelligence. Walmart, Amazon and Kroger have Grabbed the Biggest Share of this Industry in America. And Reputed Mobile App Development Company with Decades’ worth of Experience in Gauging the Market-Sentiment have Put Sector on their High-Priority List! Because Despite the Pandemic, this Sector is Growing at an Astronomical Rate!


These Experienced App Developers had Crafted Excellent Post-Pandemic Features that Shields the Food and Grocery Delivery Service Industry from the Wrath of this Fast-Mutating Deadly Virus. 


The Restaurant and Supermarket Owners are Well-Versed with the Covid-19 Safety Guidelines Released by the World Health Organization. That is why they get their Kitchen and Grocery Stores Disinfected Every Single Day. It is Mandatory for the Staff and even the Manager to Wear Face Masks and Hand Gloves At All Times.


Now that you have Made up your Mind about What Kind of App you’d like to Launch, you are again Standing at Crossroads! Whether to build this App on your Own or Buy it from a Licensed Mobile App Development Company. Such Well-Established Firms White-Label Mobile Apps too.

What Happens when a Pre-Built Mature, Market Tested and Fully-Optimized App is White-Labeled? This Top-Notch Firm will Rebrand their Base Mobile App together along with your Company’s Brand Name and Logo, Integrate your Preferred Language and Currency and Payment Gateway, or even Change the Color-Theme of the Apps to Match with the Color of your Company’s Logo.


Mobile Developer Like Android and IOS, a Web Expert, Systems Analysts, a Database Analyst, Content Writers, Quality Assessment Experts and a Project Manager. They Code Essential App Development Components. To Successfully Code the Prototype, you and your Tech Team will need 3-4 Years! 

Once it is Ready, you have Got to Test it. Then, It becomes Imperative that your Tech-Savvy Team Transforms this Prototype into a Fully Functional On Demand App. That should take a Minimum of Three Additional Years.


By the End of the seventh Year, you’ll have a Feature Rich and Fully-Functional App Ready however you can’t Launch it yet. It is so because Mobile App Development Company needs to Test the App in a Real-World Environment. That is why it is Beta-Tested First for Half a Year followed by Intense Market Testing that consumes Another Nine Months! Now that you are Launching your Android and iOS Apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store Respectively, you have Entered your 10th Year!


It’s an Era of Mobile Tech and the No.1 Mobile App Development Company in the World is enjoying an Undisputed Monopoly in the Market. Do you Day-Dream of becoming an Entrepreneur One Day? Then, Just Pray and Get Started with the Procedure!

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.