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To keep your car protected from the heat of the sun or other external damage, a car parking sunshade is the best option for you. Also, it is beneficial to keep your car protected from dust or bird droppings. It would help if you looked for an authentic sunshade supplier who can offer you various parking shades for your vehicle.

You will get a lot of variety in terms of design and materials. It can improve the aesthetic appeal as well as protect your car. You can customise the shade according to the size of the vehicle or the material that you prefer. This article will come across the different types of car parking shade ideas for your car.

Benefits of Car Parking Sunshades

Too much heat can be harsh for your car and can even damage your car’s paint. It can fade from excessive exposure to the sun’s heat. Not only this, a shade can protect the vehicle against the harsh weather too.

Moreover, these parking shades can help to save a lot of energy. It can keep the insides of your car cool.  The role of a car parking sunshade is just not limited to this. The most important benefit is that it provides security and safety to your car.

  • Prevents the dashboard from discolouring.
  • The car’s electronics are protected.
  • Enhances the worth of your home
  • Reduces the amount of heat that accumulates inside the vehicle.
  • It prevents the widescreen of the vehicle from being cracked.
  • The car’s luster and gloss are preserved for a long time.

Types of Car Shades

When it comes to car shades, you will get a lot of variety to choose from. You can also have it customised as per your requirement. Here are the best types of shades that you can install for your car.

HDPE Car Parking Sunshades

This type of car shade is made from a knitted fabric of high quality. They are highly immune to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Depending on the preferences of the consumers, the HDPE fabric can be rendered both waterproof and non-waterproof. This form of car parking shading is a cost-effective shading solution that lasts for a long time.

PVC Shading Fabric

This is yet another long-lasting and versatile car parking shade with outstanding features and qualities. It can withstand extremes of cold and heat. The PVC fabric is fully waterproof and highly durable. The material’s tensile, elastic, and tear ability are all incredible. If you’re looking for the most cost-effective park cark shading structure, this is the best choice.

PTFE Car Parking Sunshades

When compared to the two other varieties listed above, this one is a little more expensive. However, the shading solution is highly durable and comes with a 30-year warranty, all of which are excellent features that help offset the material’s high cost. The PTFE material can withstand temperatures ranging from 100 degrees to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also fully resistant to UV rays’ deterioration.

K-Span Car Shades

K Span Car Parking Shades is a highly engineered style parking shade manufactured with cutting-edge technology and sophisticated machinery, demonstrating a compelling and well-designed car parking shade.

These parking shades are made from the world’s best fabrics, such as PVC, PTFE, and HDPE, flame-resistant, tear-resistant, thermally comfortable, UV-resistant, snow-resistant, and wind-resistant.

Arch Design

You’ve never seen a better car parking shade style. The arch style in the car parking shade system is a modern design. This design can go with every kind of architectural structure or construction. This is an excellent car parking shade for both residential and commercial buildings.

Bottom Support Design

Bottom help in car parking shade systems is an essential and classic design that is cost-effective. Expansive residential and industrial parking lots will benefit from these shades.

Cone Single Pole Design

This design provides the most up-to-date appearance for car parking shade systems. It is well-liked for its design and versatility as single or multiple parking options. It is a deal for small and constrained spaces.

Pyramid Design

For their distinctive style, pyramid design car parking shade structures are widely recognised. These shades are appropriate for parks, open-air parking lots, and residential areas, among other places.

Single Pole Double Layer Design

The one-of-a-kind and aesthetically appealing appearance of this shade blends in with every architectural style. It is ideal for villas, shopping malls, and other commercial establishments.

When it comes to car parking sun shade Dubai, it is always better to have them manufactured by a professional. They offer a variety of sun shade and make sure that it is made of good quality material.

You can customise the car shades according to the requirements or size of your car. The above types of car shades should help you to decide the right one for your vehicle.

By Anurag Rathod

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