When you are playing a solid game with a solid sense of advancement and a well-designed quest, its  mean you are playing Township. But if you are just about to start the game as a beginner, you can know everything about it in this article. Township is a casual game that Playrix develops. It is still a very popular game in many countries.

The township game is for those who want to run their own towns; you can be a mare of a town and be responsible for every development. You can grow, build, harvest, mine, fish, and even design your room in this game. If you are looking for a game without destruction, violence, and shooting, Township is ideal for full peace of mind.

You can make new International friends, and send them gift cards and money. From the first stage to the last, you won’t get bored. All you need to think about your town is how to make houses, develop industries, and make the level up. You can harvest new raw material after every stage. You can also extend your town when you move further in the game. You have to collect coins and money for construction and extension.

In Township you will get a large zoo, where you have to collect many animals. Although Township is a very straightforward game, which is easy to play, you still have to know some tips and tricks to build your town without wasting any time.

When you start a game, you can plant wheat, but you can also plant cotton and sugar cane after a few levels. You have to build farmhouses, dairy farms, pottery farms, pig farms, sheep farms, and a town market. In the town market, you can sell and purchase goods. In the beginning, you can get 10 fields, but you have to unlock others with your development performance. You can also increase the population by building new houses. 

Suppose you want to enjoy this game fully. In that case, you can play it on your gaming setup with VPN as described in allabttech, where you can find a complete guideline to develop the VPN gaming setup. In Township, you can make yourself relax with greenery and beautiful sceneries. The sight of the urban areas will make you fresh. Unlike many other action games, Township offers you full-time fun and relaxation.

How can you make rapid development?

Township is a simple but solid game, but when you start playing this game, you want more development as you have a great responsibility for the whole town, and as being a mare, you have to make your people happy. You can make citizens happy by building decorations, café, barbershops, parks, gyms, showrooms, gaming points, and many others corners. For rapid development, you need more coins and money to purchase and establish new industries and buildings, but as a beginner, if you don’t know how to get more money, here are some tips and tricks for you.

1: Plant more crops:

For steady production of goods, plant more crops. You can sell the extra crops in the market and get money, but only you can plant wheat for free of cost; all the other crops need coins to plant. In the barn, you can collect these crops and use them when time. As the level goes up, you can get many other plants and raw materials for planting. You can sell the crops and get instant money when you have enough crops, and your barn has no space.

2: Fulfill the orders:

The easiest and simple method to collect more money in Township is by completing orders placed by residents. You can find these orders; you have to complete their orders to get gold coins. When you unlock the airport, you can make deliveries through the aero plane.

If you want to complete the order on time, you should make the goods ready in factories. We can say that the main source of income is completing the orders placed by the citizens. You can also ask for help from different friendships.

3: build more buildings

Factories provide you with new products to make, and Farming structures help you… farming responsibilities, to be precise. Special structures give you new tasks that reward you with even more useful stuff. Decorations, on the other hand, help to liven up your town. Building a lot of dwellings is a smart tactic to use, so you can swiftly gather more citizens and construct a couple of those very useful Special buildings. The advantages of finished Special building types are significant to your advancement. When you build more houses, it will increase the population and get more orders.

4: Complete orders of train:

After a few stages, you can get to your railway station. It is very important to fill all the train orders on time because when you miss the order, you can’t get building material, which is very important for building construction. Always make goods ready to dispatch in factories to place an order on time. Building a lot of dwellings is a smart tactic to use, so you can swiftly gather more citizens and construct a couple of those very useful Special buildings. The advantages of finished Special building types are critical to your advancement. Always remember that constructing any structure grants you an additional bonus.

The train brings back important building materials like a nail, paint, axe, hammer, and other essential things for construction. You can’t unlock the next level until you can’t complete the building task. Moreover, you’ll need to upgrade the barn capacity for rapid development. Because everything you make will be stored in the barn, and if you don’t have enough space for storing goods, you can’t complete orders on time.

5: Login every day:

The best thing about Township is that you will not feel any stress or burden. You can play the game whenever you are free when you want relaxation. Don’t forget to loin every day if you want free money, even if you don’t want to “really” play the game. When you log in four days in a row, you can collect free gold coins, and on the fifth day, you can get a surprise gift. In Township, you can also celebrate valentine’s day, Halloween, or Christmas. You can get more coins and gifts from your special league friends at these special events.

By Anurag Rathod

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