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Comox is a beautiful city which is located in Canada. The city Comox city has many places to explore with family or friends. You can visit the city Comox which is a popular beautiful upcoming traveler destination. People come here to see the nightlife and cultural life of locals here. You can stroll in various green parks, or can discover a few museums. So, guys visit the city Comox and get astonished by some of the exclusive things available here. 

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Kin Beach Provincial Park

Campsite with the sea in the front, the Kin Beach Provincial Park is a very popular tourist destination in Canada. The Kin Beach Provincial Park will make you thrilled with the scenery in the place. The Kin Beach Provincial Park is always jam-packed with people who come here to learn photography skills. Come to the Kin Beach Provincial Park with kids to make them play in the sand.

Goose Spit Park

Goose Spit Park is worth visiting in this city which has an exclusive landform and is enclosed by a flexible sand spit. This Goose Spit Park has been fed by the Willmar Bluffs with Gartley Point, which generates the Comox Harbour. Goose Spit Park gives out some outstanding views to the south, and the east. You can visit Goose Spit Park and watch out for a sheltered lagoon. The Goose Spit Park also provides food and habitat for many tourists and resident waterfowl. 

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40 Knots Winery

Located in the Comox Valley, the famous 40 Knot is the closest in the world to the ocean. People visit 40 Knot which is together with the Salish Sea. You can also visit 40 Knot to taste the difference rich air makes in the aging process. 40 Knot is highly crowded where people enjoy strolling through the trail. Enjoy 40 Knot for a picnic on the vineyard terrace, or enjoy a day at a patio or balcony. You will see 40 Knot uses recycling and repurposes bins. 

Filberg Park

Filberg Park in Comox is spread over nine acres. Filberg Park is also a gem of Vancouver Island Heritage. You can watch out astoundingly landscaped waterfront with green space, various parks, and inheritance buildings from British Columbia. The Filberg Park features varieties of trees and hundreds of rhododendrons. Filberg Park is worth visiting to see its seasonal gardens. People visit Filberg Park to watch out for the 1930’s heritage lodge, located at the heart of the site. Also, travellers come here to see the former home of local pioneers Robert and Florence Filberg. You can also have a famous Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park that have become a prevalent place for picnics, weddings. 

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Comox Valley Farmers’ Market

Farmers’ Markets have been designated BC’s Best Market of 2015. Farmers’ Markets are full of over 100’s varieties of veggies and fruits. You will also get seafood, eggs, meat, poultry, and fish. People come here to buy wine, cider, hot ready-eat food, baking of all kinds, honey, yogurt, and cheese, healthy body products, and spirits. Farmers’ Markets is made by the BC Association of farmer’ market. Farmers’ Markets is the Comox Valley’s destination for local food. You can come to Farmers’ Markets to find fresh food, and learn about the entertaining, discovery, and joining with your local farmers and food producers. 

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