bromo volcano

Not long ago, Mount Bromo emitted volcanic ashes which was quite alarming. However, this does not reduce the attractiveness of the Vulkan Bromo Java Indonesia, as one of the tourist attractions in East Java that has its own charm.

Not only seeing the beauty of the mountain closely, but it turned out that there are other tourist spots that are no less interesting to visit while in the mountainous area.

Take Notes! These are The Best Tourist Destinations in the Bromo Area

If you have already been satisfied exploring mountain craters, deserts, and other sights in the area. Then you must definitely visit other locations nearby, such as Milky Way Bromo, Teletubbies Hill, and others.

Milky Way Bromo

It is one of many beautiful spots to see the star-studded sky in the Bromo area. The right time to come to this area is at night when the weather is clear. The stars, and of course the magnificent moon, can be seen perfectly.

As if you were studying astronomy, you can get to know a lot of star clusters while also learning a lot about outer space.

Teletubbies Hill

For those who have watched the kids’ TV program Teletubbies, then you must know what the hills look like in the area where the four dolls live. The beauty of the continuous green hills creates a beautiful scenery which also exists in the Bromo area.

Hence, the hilly area is also called Teletubbies hill and is often used as a picnic spot or to capture the moment because there are many attractive photography spots there.


There is also a savanna, overgrown with fine grass, which creates such a lovely view. So it is not uncommon for visitors in Bromo to spend a lot of time in this area, to relax and enjoy nature filled with the fresh air.

The expanse of this savanna is quite spacious, even up to a few hectares. From this area, you can see some of the surrounding mountains to the housing of the famous Tengger Tribe.

Whispering Sand

Indonesian movie lovers must know about the film “Pasir Berbisik”, starring Indonesian well-known actress Dian Sastro Wardoyo.  The movie’s background is the Bromo desert area which makes a whisper sound as the wind blows on its surface.

Very suitable to be used as a relaxation location with family because of the calm atmosphere and very natural environment.

Luhur Poten Temple

The Tengger tribe is an indigenous tribe that has settled in the area which related to  Batavia Indonesia History in the past. Located in the tribal residential area, Luhur Poten Temple is a place of worship for the community to worship the creator.

If you are lucky, you can see various traditional activities of the tribe held in the Luhur Poten Temple area.

Penanjakan 1

At Penanjakan 1, it is very suitable to see the sunrise directly. That’s why mountain climbers deliberately set the time so that they can arrive at Penanjakan 1 before morning.

Tengger Tribe Culinary

If you have arrived in the Bromo area, don’t forget to take the time to eat the traditional dishes of the Tengger Tribe, like aron rice which is made of white corn.

Enjoy an unforgettable exciting adventure while in the Bromo area, by doing the best exploration of various supporting tourist objects in the vicinity.

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