Singapore ride-hailing market

The basic and most essential public transport in any country is their taxi cabs mostly due to being readily available and cost quite reasonable.

The on demand taxi apps have almost become a part of our daily lives as without them commutation is impossible.

Why Online Taxi Apps Are Important

Waving one’s hand for calling taxis was the talk of yesterday. Today, anyone and everyone can book taxis through mobile applications like Uber and Lyft. Why? Because, booking an instant ride through taxi booking app is much more convenient than waving one’s hand.

You at least receive the surety that a taxi/cab will arrive at your location to pick you up not as similar as waving a hand and still receiving no response from the other side.

Transportation in Singapore

Singapore is one of the cleanest and most developed Island countries of Southeast Asia. It’s one of the busiest countries as people are always on a move from one place to another according to their work which in turn propels them to receive a proper medium to travel.

There are many ride hailing services providing companies in Singapore. However it is difficult to locate quality taxi service providing companies.

Ride Hailing Services

Here we have enlisted the best taxi services offering #1 ride hailing services through mobile apps in Singapore,

Premier Taxis

Premier Taxis was first known as Premier Corporation and is one of the oldest taxi service providing companies in Singapore. The business was launched in 1995 and received its Taxi operator license in 2003.

After 2003, Premier taxi got its actual shape in the taxi industry as they launched the Silver Cabs. Soon Premier Taxis became one of the most popular taxi service companies in Singapore. It is famed as providing the most comfortable and safe rides to people in Singapore.

Comfort Cab

The most reliable, safe and also the oldest transportation company is Comfort Cabs.

The taxi service providing company was founded in 1970 and since then has provided taxi services to people in Singapore and counted amongst top-notch transportation companies providing ride-sharing and ride-hailing services.

HDT Taxi

HDT stands for “Holding Dreams Together” empowered by BYD Co.LTD.

The business was founded in 2013 providing taxi services through BYD’s electric car.

Talking about BYD Co. LTD., BYD Co. LTD is the leader in many fields like Information Technology, Automobile, and energy resources.

Note: BYD was the world’s first company to introduce the concept of electric cars. Also, HDT Taxi is a pollution-free taxi service providing company that has become an inspiration to all taxi service providers.

Ride-Hailing Taxi Business In Singapore

It does not matter how great ride hailing service providing companies are providing their services. You need to remember that the demand of the commuters will never decrease.

So, if you want to help, you need to make sure that you build your ride-hailing app for the Singapore ride-hailing market. This will help take your taxi business great heights and make enormous profits. Also, it shall promise a great customer outreach for you in the long run.

By Anurag Rathod

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