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Are you ready to sparkle? For some reason, sparkly jewelry tends to have a magnetic pull. The new jewelry fashion is all about statement pieces this fall season, be it a chunky necklace, bolder rings, diamond cut, and very colorful gemstones.

The hottest new wave of fall trends is on, and the theme seems to be full-body jewelry. Undeniably, the more oversized, the more it will amplify any simple outfit that you wear.

The 2020 jewelry trends are bound to be stunning, bold, and chic, as designers got playful with colorful and oversized pieces. Note that you can design your custom made jewelry. 

Let’s look at some top up-to-the-minute jewelry craze making a statement this fall 2020.

Chunky Chains

Chunky styles have topped the fashion trends for a long time now. The eye-catching trends that continue to evolve to date will see jewelry lovers bring out their A-game, with this chain link that has been trending all year. If this chunky necklace is anything to go by, it will be popular with more innovative designs. The oversized necklace becomes a hit year-on-year.

Diamond Solitaire Bracelets

Fashion experts will advise you that this is a must-have trend. Treat yourself to a piece of fine custom made jewelry and make it personal. Sentimental jewelry is ever in style and the perfect way to express yourself.

Lush Layers Necklace

One of the hottest necklace trends. Layers upon layers and the more, the merrier with this layered look. This piece offers an edge that’s perfect for the season, and it transforms any outfit.

Chandelier Necklace

Right now, the top trend in jewelry will be this chandelier necklace. If searching for that perfect party look, this gold crystal chandelier necklace features crystal accents, drop crystal pendants, and a crystal flower. This gorgeous jewelry coordinates with any color or style.

Pearls and Diamond Necklace

We all grew up knowing that those beautiful pearl pieces belonged to our grandma. However, this classic pearl and diamond necklace tops 2020 fashion trends, and it’s here to stay. Amazingly, they are the only gemstones formed underwater.

Charming Chokers

Who knew the choker would still be a big thing this season? The style dates back to thousands of years ago and still holds trendsetters’ captive. Charming-chokers are back and more stylish; their versatility makes them hot and elevates any simple look.

Daisy Charm Hoop Earrings 

Trust me; you will like these earrings at all times. This version of hoops jewelry has gained traction, to say the least, ruling the jewelry game, plus they brighten any dull day. The oversized yellow gold hoops will be on top spot and more stylish in 2020.

Diamond Stud Earrings 

Shine bright like a diamond, literary! This timeless piece tops in jewelry trends for 2020 for being oversized, bolder, and luxe than the past year’s styles. Be on the look-out for graphic shapes and design your custom made jewelry to make a massive statement in keeping up with 2020 trends. Complement your look with a pair of chic diamond studs.

Mismatched Earring

In the past, fashion lovers did not consider mismatch as a fashion statement, but it’s noted to be trending during various 2020 fashion events. You must think about investing in pieces to mix and match them up or wear one piece; the choice will be yours.

Petal Drop Earrings 

A shift from precious metals taking center stage as colorful jewelry becomes a big hit in 2020 fashion trends. Colorful jewelry has been a significant rise, a ton of gemstone and colored diamond earring styles trending this year. It’s easier for you to pair with your wardrobe as it opens up the range of colors to match up. Simple petal drops earrings come in different colors and sizes, making it a trendy sale, plus they are incredibly wearable.

Diamond Hoops Earrings

Who doesn’t like a good sparkle? This year the statement hoops earrings have shown resilience in the fashion industry; they take center stage and have plenty of glittery. Another diamond cut whose popularity has sky-rocketed. Depending on where you wear them to, choose medium hoops for work and go huge for a fun night out. It will be a piece that will be perfect for everyday wear, taking you from office to evening wear.

Statement Rings

While gorgeous diamond designsare rise in popularity and remain to be girls’ best friend, colored-stone like emeralds and sapphires are trendy and chic for 2020. Black diamonds, emeralds and, unique shaped diamonds are currently a big sensation.

Diamond Ring

The exquisite diamond ring is unique and trending. You will cherish them forever. Make your choice for a round, oval, or diamondshape

In Conclusion

Do not be afraid to experiment with this year’s trends. Casual outfit with the trending oversized statement custom made jewelry is undeniably in and gaining traction this fall. Why wait for a special occasion? Wear the jewelry that you love and make you happy.

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