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You have designed the best jewelry ever and now you can’t find the inspiration to design the packaging? That is absolutely fine! Read on to find some great ideas on creating your jewelry or necklaces boxes and make your jewelry a hit from the very beginning. We no longer have to stay stuck to the old packaging standards. Look at Etsy and witness how creative one can be with the packaging of absolutely everything. When you are doing perishable items and luxuries, packaging is what matters the most. Even if you are buying jewelry for yourself, or you have intentions of making them a very personalized gift, you would want your jewelry to come in a very special packaging.

Popular Packaging Stylings

There is one little secret to perfect packaging and if you know that, you will never find yourself in this design dilemma ever again. That one secret is to always be on the consumer’s side no matter what you are selling. Think like him, and only then you will be able to critically look at your packaging and see where the problem lies. To create necklaces boxes you will be required to do the same. Of course this skill is going to take some practice, but you will ace it with enough amounts of work and research, we promise you that! So now, we have covered the first and the most important part of the packaging philosophy. You know what you’re thinking strategy will be while getting the Necklace Boxes made. Now, it is time to look at the best packaging for custom necklace boxes this year and maybe now you can see what made these packaging styles so popular.

Here are the 5 most popular packaging styles this year!

Kraft Necklace Boxes – Ecofriendly and Economical

One trend that we see emerging since ever, is the awareness and understanding of ecofriendly materials everywhere. People are keen on not letting the toxic influence and damage the environment anymore and you need to be varying of that fact too. Ever since Kraft has been used in almost every packaging style (yes, even in jewelry!) it has become a favorite packaging material. Necklace storage box or even display boxes made of Kraft material can be turned into anything. You want premium looking packaging, sure you can make it out of Kraft, you want something contemporary, and you can do that too with Kraft!

Vintage Necklace Packaging Boxes – Timeless and Beautiful

Jewelry will always be associated with royalty, like its coming from a very old time, as if it’s an heirloom and it is aged. What better style of packaging will there be, than a vintage necklace storage box? As someone who is designing jewelry, you must understand the fact that people that love jewelry, they like to keep them in their original boxes. Want that specific customer to keep coming over to you for generations? Subtly sneak in your brand logo and details underneath the box, so now it’s vintage, it has just the right feel of being royal and old and it has the contact information and name of the designer who did it. Generations after generations, they will have that one vintage looking box, and your brand name will be there!

Modern Jewelry Packaging Designs – Think Out Of the Box

The word wholesale must give you that feel of something being slightly cheap looking in quality just because it mentions ‘wholesale’. If you have been one of those who think that way, you are in for a surprise! Jewelry or necklace boxes wholesale are not what they sound like. They simply mean that when you buy something in a large quantity, you get them at a better price! Moving on to the Modern jewelry packaging designs, we are in awe with the modern designs because they make keeping jewelry fun and they make keeping them so much easier. Sleek stylish minimum designs on the boxes with modern jewelry pieces inside are the sight for sore eyes!

Luxury Packaging for Premium Jewelry – Some Things Do Not Change

Well yes, there will always be “luxury looking packaging” lovers out there and it is just a preference for some. So like every year, luxurious looking chain boxes were also quite popular among jewelry businesses and designers.

Customized, Personalized Jewelry & Necklace Packaging – Made for YOU!

Don’t you love it when you get something that is especially made for you? With a nice initial on top of the box? Everyone does! Jewelry and necklace boxes that are personalized always win the game because they are personalized and made especially for the receiver. If you want the receiver to feel that they are special, or if you want them to always remember this special gift, give them a personalized box of jewelry with something as gorgeous inside as they are.

Never Ignore These Factors in Cheap Necklace Boxes

Now that we have discussed the best rigid packaging styles for jewelry and necklaces this year so far, it’s time for you to get some more wisdom. Never ignore these factors in jewelry box design:

  • Yes, wholesale means better price, but is doesn’t mean low quality; never compromise on the quality of your packaging just because you are ordering something that costs you less.
  • Although there are many types of ‘no-fail’ jewelry packaging ideas, you must always find that one type that goes well with your jewelry type. For example, vintage jewelry in a modern packaging box does not sound right, and vice versa.
  • Take inspiration from websites like Pinterest and Etsy. But also have your own research done, do not copy the exact design, take the elements you like from every design and then create something of your own.
  • Never splurge on cheap necklace boxes without ordering in a sample first. Suggested is to get a number of samples and then compare all of them, in terms of pricing and quality.

Now that you know the packaging styles loved this year, and the dos and don’ts of packaging the jewelry, you are ready to create wonders!

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.