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Customizing your WordPress can make it look unique from other websites. There are various ways to change your WordPress theme through customize option or there are various plugins which can help you with changing your WordPress theme. You don’t have to know coding to change your theme. It is easy to change your WordPress Theme with WordPress theme customization services in just a few clicks of a mouse. It will not only help your WordPress to change the appearance but will also help to view it in real-time. Let’s see some of the best ways through which you can change your WordPress:

Color Theme

Color Is one of the key features that will make your WordPress Theme look different than others. It allows you to change the color of your background and other colors of your WordPress. You can do it by clicking on your Appearance from the dashboard and click customize now you can make changes in your theme by choosing the one that is best for you.

Site Identity

This is the main thing to give your WordPress a different look than any other site. Choosing the right logo for your website is very important. You can change your logo by going to the customization and can add your design. But not all themes provide you with this service so you can also do this by installing a plugin and add your logo, this will help your site to stand out of the crowd.

Background Change

Putting the right background for your site is important because it will help the viewer to understand what you want to show through your site. You can change the background by going to the customize option and choosing the right image for the background. But sometimes mobile users may not see your background so you need to keep in mind to make your site mobile friendly.


Changing fonts for your site can give it a better look for the readers. There is various WordPress customization service that allows you to change your fonts or you can simply install a plugin and select fonts from the Google fonts library. It contains thousands of fonts or you can even design your own if you have the knowledge of graphic design. You can even choose different fonts for different posts.

Changing Navigation

Page navigation can give your site a different look and make it easy to view and surf. You can change your WordPress theme navigation using a plugin this will help your website to give a different feeling while scrolling down the page. Install the right plugin and add page navigation or if that doesn’t work you can use custom code to add navigation.

Social Media Icons

Adding your social media on your site can be helpful to grow. You can add your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social icons using a plugin in which will connect it to your website. It will help your site to discover more easily and you can even increase your social media.

Creating a Child Theme

A child theme is simply a separate part of the parent theme it lets you change the theme without losing the original theme file. You can use the theme editor to change the theme or can use an FTP connection. This will let you change the file name, templates, color, and other customizations. But the parent theme will remain, this will work as an alternative for your WordPress Customization.

Customizing The Login

This is a simple trick to change the appearance of your site. If you change the background, theme, and color of your login page it will attract your viewers. All you need is just a plugin to do the change and choose the type of appearance you want to give to your login page.

Changing your WordPress theme will help you to stand out from the crowd. These are just a few simple tricks that will help your site to appear different from the other millions of sites out there it will give a whole new look and will attract viewers. There are various best WordPress theme customization services available in the market some are premium which will allow you with more choice but yes as every premium thing costs money from your pocket. But you can keep experimenting with your site to make it look clean and different from thousands of others. Choosing the right theme could be difficult sometimes but as you keep making changes you can choose the right one and make it look better

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