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Top 5 Car Safety Features That Are Most Demanded

Top 5 Car Safety Features That Are Most Demanded

Those were the most ‘button-oriented’ days when people were used to drubbing the buttons and switches to get the things done and in the context of ‘Automotives’, the more enhanced the car is, the more touch-free features it lends to its driver, think of the ‘Air Conditioning’ facility which wasn’t anywhere automatic earlier but has now gone as ‘Enhanced’ and automatic.

It was taken with a ‘Survey’ here in ‘America’ that Insurance Institute For Highway Safety’, the IIHS, has said it clearly that the enhanced feature loadings have dramatically improved the protection and security for the cyclists and pedestrian people.

So what are those major improvements along with some handful of features that a motorist or a car driver can not do without? Let’s find out.

Automatic Emergency Braking System

This is one of the features that most car drivers are willing to aspire and procure with their car, if they don’t find it, they would rather tap on some other car providing it.

If a car is ladened with an ‘Automatic Emergency Braking System’, the car has chances to sense a potential crashing and a further collision and if the driver doesn’t see to it time then the car can simply ‘Brake Itself’.

An owner of ‘Infiniti Q50’ said it intuitively that ‘It’s much easier and more prompting than me responding to a sudden shake’.

Exit Safely With Safety Exit Assist

As sighted with the ‘Hyundai Santa Fe’ an SUV, has this certain feature of ‘Safety Exit Assist’ which is severely useful for the kids seated on the rear sides, it stops them to pay a tribute to let the cyclists and passers-by and allows them to go safely by refraining from the door opening.

It’s a simple extension of the Blind Spot Monitoring and is a very useful feature for parents and couples and their kids too.

Recognizing From Facial Recognition Software

Revealed lately in an ‘Automotive Show’ here in New York that much of the upcoming fleet of cars would be sighted as integrated with the ‘Facial Recognition Software’ and this pretty much would be coming with fair and reasonable pricing.

This certain software does its work when you don’t pay attention to the driving profile and you are suddenly said to ‘Pay Attention’ because the facial recognition software is behind your back.

Rear Side View Camera

There are a couple of reasons why there should be a proper rearview camera in your car, firstly it protects your car from any rear hit or runs over, and secondly, it renders you a clear view of behind so that no animal or human becomes the victim of being run over.

This sort of camera involves a wide-angle camera which then contributes to helping to provide the driver a wider area view of as much as 180 degrees.

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Spot Detection With Blind Spot Detection

In the world of a driver driving a car, there was a certain touch of education which was told that ‘Hold up your mirror to see what’s behind’ and this is what is perfectly done with a feature named as ‘Blind Spot Monitoring’.

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Blind Spot Monitoring serves the driver the facility of a ‘Watch Dog’ which barks as you tend to lose focus from either side of your car, helps effectively to adjust and hug the corners without any potential hit from the car to any object nearing the car.

Cars With These Features Look Like

  • KIA Soul
  • Toyota Corolla LE
  • Honda Fit
  • Hyundai Kona SE
  • Subaru Legacy

The above-mentioned cars are fully concording with the features which we just mentioned and spoke about, go through the cars and know what they can offer to the humanity and how they can be a good service to the people walking down the roads.

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