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Subtitles downloading sites are on line systems which have a extensive range of collection of subtitles for television indicates and movies. It permits you to view the 12 months and ratings of your favored movies. those websites let you search for video subtitles with minimal attempt. Many such platforms are to be had in types of languages, along with English, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, and more.

How to download free subtitles for English movies:

It is useful if you are learning a new language, or if the sound of people speaking in English bothers you. This process does not require any special software, and can be completed by following these directions: 

1) Find an HD copy of the movie.

2) Download the subtitle file from one of two sites (opensubtitles.org or podnapisi.net),

3) Convert your downloaded subtitle file to a .srt format using Subtitle Workshop

4). Finally, import your newly created .srt into  Media Player and enjoy!

List 10 of the best subtitle websites:

1) YIFY Subtitles:

YIFY Subtitles, a website that provides subtitles for English movies. YIFY Subtitles is one of the quality subtitles downloading web sites that gives a clean and dark mode user interface to search your wished keywords conveniently. It has a large range of movies in various languages.

YIFY subtitles site is to make it easier for people who don’t speak fluently to watch these films.  It has been difficult in the past because most movie websites only have subtitles in a different languages, but now you can enjoy watching your favorite movies more easily than ever before!  We hope that this website will help bridge cultural gaps and increase global understanding by providing an alternative way.


  • Subtitles are ad-unfastened.
  • you may choose films according to their type.
  • It allows you to down load films and tv indicates all subtitle.
  • This subtitles download English website can be explored without any registration.

2) OpenSubtitles:

OpenSubtitles is one of the first-class subtitle down load websites on the net. it is to be had in lots of languages, consisting of English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Polish, and many others. This subtitle down load platform has a search tool that allows you to filter out your searches by using country, year, kind, season, or episode. Enables you to discover a subtitle for movies and television series. You can request the subtitle of your desire.This English subtitles downloading web site allows you to tug and drop movie files. It offers the power to customize the settings as consistent with your preference. This film subtitles down load web site allows you to add your subtitles.

3) Podnapisi:

Podnapisi is one of the excellent web sites to download English subtitles at the net. This site lets in you to find subtitles with the aid of film kinds, keywords, years, and other classes using the advanced search engine. It enables you to view recent motion pictures with subtitles SRT and the most famous downloads. you may discover subtitles in various languages for movies and tv indicates. It offers extra than 6000 tv suggests and extra than 58000 films.

This platform lists recent films with subtitles and the maximum popular downloads. Podnapisi enables you to preview the subtitle before downloading it. It uploads subtitles for brand new films each day with user rankings. This English subtitles downloading web site additionally offers you facts on subtitle language and add date.

4) Subscene:

Subscene is a subtitle download website online that gives a large database of popular shows and films. This movies subtitles down load website provides subtitles on a daily basis for users. It allows you to filter out the motion pictures without a hassle. Subtitles are to be had in many languages. You can request your own subtitle. Provides the option to edit the subtitle clear out on the page. This English subtitles downloading site offers you the total wide variety of downloads for all subtitles.

5) Subs4free:

Subs4free is one of the fine websites that permits you to down load free subtitle. This subtitle downloading platform is to be had for movies and television series. It permits you to peer pinnacle subtitles with designated resolution. Subtitle content material is to be had in Greek and English language. You can search for movies or series comfortably. This movie subtitle down load site enables you to view movies which can be connected to the trendy subtitles. This English subtitle downloading website online permits you to view presently uploaded subtitles.

6) BollyNook:

BollyNook is a website to download Bollywood film subtitles. It permits you to down load subtitles in distinct languages, consisting of English, Dutch, French, Arabic, and so forth. Permits you to effortlessly upload and down load subtitles to your favorite film. You could view subtitles by way of yr, body, and extra. That is one of the best subtitle sites that lets in you to search for lyrics transactions. This films subtitles download web site presents a link to examine Bollywood news.

gives designated information about celebrities.

7) English Subtitles:

English Subtitles is a internet site having a subtitle repository for thousands of movies. It gives a dark mode UI that allows you to look for the needed name with no trouble. you could keep subtitles for traditional movies and tv shows. This open subtitles down load internet site presentations recently introduced subtitles.

permits you to feature your very own subtitle. It is easy to navigate. This english subtitles down load SRT offers an easy to down load English film subtitles.

8) Addic7ed:

Addic7ed is a subtitle downloading internet site that allows you to browse the films and tv suggests without problems. This subtitle downloader internet site helps a variety of languages. Allows you to discover a subtitle for films and television series.

This platform lists new releases, new versions with subtitles and the most downloaded.

9) Subdl:

Subdl is a subtitle down load web page that has a collection of huge subtitle database to browse. It affords easy to apply the quest bar to search for the down load wished subtitles effects. This english subtitles download platform organizes all subtitles primarily based on the kind of video release. This subtitles downloading website offers subtitles for films in English, Dutch, Italian, French, and so forth. You can choose up to four languages to filter the subtitles SRT downloads. This is one of the great subtitle sites that gives a separate phase of subtitles with numerous time stamps.

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