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Branding today is a very iconic term that each & everybody uses it to express a lot of things. It’s a way to identify your business. Branding is all about its logo & people know brands today because of its logo but a strong brand is more than just a logo today. As you can see your consumers & target audience easily recognise your brand even in the middle of the huge crowd. An honest consumer would recognise your brand even if you show him a distorted picture of the brand.

Being a brand today, it should clearly reflect what exactly your business stands for? How different is it from your competitors? It basically shows off your qualities, what does your brand hold & the persona of the brand or your business.

Now before creating a strong brand you need to figure out targeting you’re kind of a target audience that would adore your brand. For instance, you cannot target by showing off the makeup brands to the men out there because you wouldn’t receive a proper response from them even though on certain occasions they do need to give surprises or gifts but the maximum target audience would be the teen girls & women who love makeup brands on a daily basis. And this particular targeting the right audiences would definitely  make your brand a strong brand  & which would help customers to remember your brand easily & it backs up with a sort of confidence that your brand is suiting them very well.

Branding in marketing & sales cover these three areas, they are as follows:

  1. Being unique from your competitors
  2. Aiming at the right audience
  3. Expressing your brand story
  1. Being unique from your competitors

Wellbeing unique is something not being weird but different for your competitors as to understand what your competitors are expecting, do a complete recce to understand the needs of your target audience. And try to be unique in terms of strategies, the social media updates, design of the website & the product description which would definitely let your brand stand out of the market & your target audience would definitely choose you.

  • Aiming at the right audience

         Now targeting the right audience is the most important factor of the                          business. You cannot target the wrong audience. Do market research for    your brand in order to understand the right audience for your brand. Prepare a lot of social media activities related to your brand which would give a right idea for your brand.

  • Expressing your brand story

Now behind that brand one should definitely have a story in order to gain the attention of the target audience.  It’s the facts & feelings that are created by your brand. It’s the value that one needs to express regarding your brand.

Constructing Brand Awareness

Once you are all set for your brand, now it’s time to create or construct brand awareness through your various marketing plans. Now before starting up your marketing activities you need to figure out that if your brand is completely developed to source out.  It’s very important for you to know that using your brand is very consistent which would easily help your consumers & target audience to remember your brand better.

Well let’s get into some points of creating a brand:

Here are Top 6 things you need to know to Create a Brand

  1. Get some inspiration from your competitors

Do a research on your competitors to understand what your competitors are doing, find some inspiration from them and take a look at their content what type of content they are publishing, their brand identity, their products & services that they are following, their social media sites what & how exactly they are posting, their engagement rates what techniques they are using. Do a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, and Opportunities & Threat) analysis for your brand to understand the needs & where your brand is lacking. And make sure to understand how their brand sounds & appears.

  • Understand who your customer is

Understanding about your business branding is to understand who your target audience is. Basically it’s to understand what and how your customer looks. Understanding the right customer for your brand is the main aspect to your business & research helps find to know your right customer. Conduct a survey, use google analytics to find your customer, have a conversation with the customer.

  • Have a professional logo

Having a professional logo for your brand makes your brand more valuable & the consumers also worship the logo. If you think you are a small business running around and you don’t need a logo well you are absolutely in the wrong impression of, no matter how big or small your business is having a logo is a key part of the business. People spend thousands of rupees to have a unique & well designed logo. A graphic designer would help you create a proper logo for your brand. Your logo should be simple, timeless, memorable & etc.

  • Create a tagline for your brand

Creating a brand tagline usually lets you understand about the brand in one short line. Brand taglines are meant to be short & not descriptive. It should be unique & eye catchy. A tagline for a brand resonates completely everything that one needs to know about the brand. For example: Mercedes Benz’s Tagline would go something like this ‘’ you’re in good hands”. Subway’s tagline would be “Because you’re worth it”. Such taglines make a unique attachment with the target audiences.

  • Trademark your brand

There’s a lot of people who are coming up with new businesses and the new business is basically a new name & new logo. Always try to protect your brand name & logo from all of those people who would literally take your brand name & logo. A trademark protects your brand name, logo, word, symbol, design, etc.

  • Boost your brand

 So once you are already with your brand’s logo, tagline, design, & story now is the time to promote it. Build a website, a very attractive & innovative website explaining about your brand or business what they do, and the contact details, schedule a call etc. Develop a marketing plan & use it like your content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, advertising.

To conclude, whenever you are outsourcing your business or the brand in the market make sure to be honest about what your business holds & what’s the story of your business. Public Media Solution is a leading corporate branding service in pune with its spectacular services & it helps companies & brands last for a lifetime.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.