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There is a huge market as-well-as competition in affiliate marketing. It is not easy to penetrate this domain especially by new up-and-coming affiliate marketers. But there are ways in which you can ease your process and get by as an affiliate marketer in the most efficient and profitable way.

The way is to use affiliate marketing tools that simplify your work and create a layman path for you to excel towards success as an affiliate marketer. You should always remember that these tools are only to support you, not carry you towards success.

If you are beginner in affiliate marketing, you must keep in mind the most significant thing that content is the king. From headlines to conclusion and from keywords to hashtags, everything that you use and apply in any article to generate traffic will determine the level of profit you are going to make and how successful of an affiliate marketer you are going to become in future.

13 Easy to Use Affiliate Marketing Tools

Here are 13 free and best affiliate marketing tools that you can use in your blog. But blogging is not the only way to make money with affiliate marketing. You can check this SureJob guide to learn more methods of promoting your affiliate programs.


The advanced marketing institute’s emotional marketing value headline analyzer

This tool analyses the Emotional Marketing Value that is present in your title. It compares the EMV words present in your headline with the total words that your headline contains. The best way to win a customer’s heart is emotionally and this helps you to analyse how well it will fit in the customer’s hearts and convert them accordingly

Coschedule’s headline analyzer

As a dignified traffic broker it is your job to generate traffic on different websites. A huge chunk of success is dependent upon the headline of the article. So this tool will also help you to pick the best headlines for your article to make it a success.


Google keyword tool

With google being the most used search engine in the world it has quite a fair amount of idea of what and how people search for things. This keyword generator will help you recognise the same, for your article. This will allow your articles to reach the first page of the search engine’s results.

Google analytics

Another google based tool that has many tools in itself. It is great for beginners as it will allow you to figure out what kind of actions people take when they visit your site and more importantly from which part of the world you have generated the most traffic from. This will help you to skill down your demographic and geographic decision making.

Google webmaster tool

This is a basket of tools and gets a bit complicated as you initially use it. But it is one of the most efficient and helpful tools. You can check the speed of your page by using the PageSpeed insight tool and it also provides you with a Mobile-Friendly test to check how well your sites work on a mobile phone. You can also optimize how your page appears on SERPs through a Structured data testing tool.

Link tracking and creation


This is one of the most renowned URL developers. You don’t want your link to be a whole paragraph as it will be hard to popularise and market. This will shorten your URL links and simplify the process of sharing it. You can bundle several links together and can also present your link in PDFs.

Google’s URL builder

This tool will go hand in hand with Google Analytics, it will make tracking your ads and uploads extremely easier. This tool allows you to add campaign parameters with URL(s) to track them in google analytics. 


This is another link tracking tool that beginner affiliates use. It helps to manage redirection, monitoring the status of all the external links and also helps you in efficient tracking of events. You can create a custom domain name and sub domains to create a professional tracking list.

Content ideas


A single platform that displays the content, videos, infographics, images etc that went viral within the past 24 hours to the last year. This platform will help you decipher the most complicated part of affiliate marketing which is generating ideas to create quality content.

Content idea generator

If you need a variety of ideas in one place then this is the tool you actually need. You need to fill in the required details like the target market, what they mean and what they want, what they usually get when they go on search engines for you to prevent that mistake and after you have completed the process it will create a lot of ideas from which you can choose one that you feel like is  the most creative.



If you are exposed to various ideas at a single platform then new, improved and polished ideas will surely greet your innovative mind. And Feedly is the best platform to do so. You can sign up of dozens of email marketing and blogging articles and read them to get inspired on a daily basis.

Free images


What marketing page would look good and polished without some great photographs. Pexels is the site that is the hub of some of the world’s best photographers and most of them upload their work for free. You can use these images to create a more decorated and eye catching website or can use them in your blogs.


This site is a bit more useful as it will help you find the most unused images on the internet. They are more internet savvy and will help you easily find relatable and useful images in one place.

Wrapping up,

Here we learned a lot about how beginners can use various affiliate marketing tools in their favor to generate traffic on their websites and earn a huge amount of money in a short period of time. As an affiliate marketer you need to keep in mind the various significant elements that allow an article to become more reliable and relatable.

You need to have creative ideas to start with, when you come up with one, the second process is to bestow it with a cajoling and powerful headline. There are keywords to be used that will make your article more SEO friendly and will make it appear on the initial pages of any search engine.

You need to keep track of your blogs, articles and other important resources through analytical tools that will help you to make any and every kind of decision easily. And with nice and uncomplicated URLs you can promote your website or even a single blog with greatest of ease.

You will also need some arousing images for your blogs to make it look more sophisticated and professional in the eyes of the customers to make them visit your site more often. So overall, affiliate marketing is a job with high potential to earn money but has a lot of hard work associated with it. Yet every aspirant can become one if done correctly.


By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.