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MBA is one of the most sought-after courses in India and abroad which offers specialization in various fields making them capable enough to gain complete knowledge and expertise in a specific field that you choose. There are various specializations offered in the program MBA so let us see what the top 10 MBA courses in India are.

A business has many departments like Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Operations and many more. MBA offers specialization in these fields and works on projects and assignments in their chosen field. These specializations are offered their elective course. When a student completes these elective courses, then they are awarded the degree of MBA in that particular field providing them the opportunities to bag a job in that area of specialization.

Let us take a look at the top 10 MBA courses in India:

MBA in Finance

What is an MBA in Finance?

The MBA in Finance deals in the area of Finance by developing the skills and knowledge required in the financial area, including financial investments, portfolio management, market capital and capital markets, corporate and international finance, and financial institutes. This also imparts knowledge on data evaluation, analytics, budgeting, and dynamic decision-making.

Job opportunities

  • Employment in Private Equity, Asset Management, and Insurance Companies, Corporates, Banks, and Investment Banks.
  • Employed as Credit Managers, Financial Analyst, Corporate Controllers, Treasurers, Insurance & Risk Managers, Investing Sales Traders & Associates.

MBA in Marketing

MBA in Marketing is another popular course among MBA aspirants. This specialization analyses and acknowledges consumer needs and demands. There is a continuous expansion of the marketing field that creates a high demand for managers in the field of marketing, making it a popular choice for specialization in MBA. It helps in enhancing skills in marketing, advertising, and public relations.

Job opportunities

  • Employment in Customer Relationship Management, Competitive Marketing. Analytical Marketing.
  • Employed as Channel Head, Brand Manager, Asset Manager, Media Planner, Marketing Managers.

MBA in Human Resource

MBA in Human Resource is another top program that develops the abilities of professionals to manage and efficiently handle human resources. This program teaches to organize, hire and manage the workforce for a company or an organization. It also teaches develop skills, and train professionals, and motivate the employees by nourishing a healthy working environment.

Job Opportunities

  • Employed as HR Generalist, Staffing Director, Employee Relations Manager, Director of HR Training and Development, HR Manager, HR Professor.
  • Employment in schools and colleges and in industries.

MBA in Information Technology (IT)

An MBA in Information Technology is one of the many popular programs offered by Universities. Today Information has become a crucial part of our lives and is shared with the help of various technologies. Hence an MBA in IT covers the underlying factors of business management, multiple strategies, and economics in information with the help of technology. It teaches about various features of a project such as planning, design, selection, implementation, use, and administration.

Job opportunities

  • Employed as Project Manager Business Development Manager, Product Manager, Marketing Manager, Analytics Manager, System Manager, and Data Processing Manager.
  • Work as Business Analyst, IT manager or IT consultant.

MBA in Operations

MBA in Operations Management has witnessed the growing interest of students as it opens vast opportunities for career growth. This program mainly deals with the design and control of the production process, developing knowledge of redesigning business operations for producing various goods and services.

Job Opportunities

  • Employed as Supply Chain Manager, Logistics Manager, Inventory Control Manager, and Project Managers Operations Manager.

MBA in International Business

In the global scenario of today, international companies have been developing businesses in many countries creating a varied workforce that can run businesses globally. An MBA in International business teaches all the required knowledge and skills to run a business globally as the people running the business globally need to compete internationally.

Job opportunities

  • Employed as Marketing Analyst, Administrative Service Manager, International Business Development Manager, Government Affairs Director, Export Manager, International, and Finance Manager.

MBA in Entrepreneurship

The MBA in Entrepreneurship makes the students capable of developing leadership skills and entrepreneurial attributes by enhancing the analytic skills of the students. It helps to develop effective business strategies and achieve a universal business perspective and enhance business ethics, understand the responsibilities of the corporate sector, and develop a problem-solving attitude. It also facilitates proper communication and pleasant cooperation among the employees.

Job opportunities

  • Employed as Business Consultant, Business Reporter, Sales manager, Department manager, Venture developer, corporate supervisor.
  • Be an entrepreneur.

MBA in Supply Chain Management

An MBA in Supply chain Management will develop the skills of the candidate to increase efficiency by providing solutions that are cost-effective. The students will develop knowledge about various strategic management, organizational behaviour along with custom procedures, and the application of IT in a supply chain.

Job opportunities

Employed as Supply Chain Performance Analyst, Supply Chain Consultant, Distribution Centre Supervisor, Logistics and Transportation Analyst, Purchase Manager.

MBA in Retail Management

An MBA in Retail Management is one of the most preferred specializations as it talks of transforming innovations into economic goods. It imparts knowledge and enhances the skills required to provide a thorough understanding of the entire business perception and also serves the students who are aspiring to have a thorough knowledge of the factors.

Job Opportunities

  • Employed in Sales and related jobs.
  • Employed as Store manager, Visual merchandiser, Regional Sales Manager etc.

MBA in Health care Management

MBA in healthcare management is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. It enables the learners in filling many management roles in various medical facilities. It teaches the pupils about ethics, decision-making, policies and prepares them for important day-to-day operations, and administrative tasks.

Job Opportunities

  • Employed as Hospital CEO /CFO, Hospital Administrator, Pharmaceutical Product Manager, Healthcare IT Consultant.


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