Top 10 Cloud Gaming Services You Can’t-Miss out

Often gaming enthusiasts are found struggling with a problem of game freeze while they are fully indulged in the game. That feeling when you are almost on the verge to complete a particular level and your PC just won’t work. It’s disheartening! And, knowing that you have to spend big bucks to continue playing high-end games is even more troubling. Enter Cloud Gaming! This impeccable service is the blessing in disguise for all the gamers who wish to keep playing amazing video games without any hindrance. But, before we unveil the best cloud gaming services, let’s have a brief look at what is meant by Cloud Gaming!

What is Cloud Gaming?

Cloud Gaming is the most popular buzzword in the gaming town. It has been a boon for all those gamers who enjoy high-end games but cannot bear the cost of gaming consoles or PCs with powerful graphics hardware.

Cloud Gaming offers a platform to the users for playing games on a company’s server rather than on their own computer or device. All you have to do is install the cloud gaming services that can access the server on which the games are running.

For instance, if you wish to play Battlefield 1 and your console or PC is unable to support it, you can always used cloud gaming services to play it. Your game will be smoothly streaming online on the servers of the gaming service providers given that your internet speed is high.

Cloud Gaming

Top 10 Cloud Gaming Services for Thrilling Gaming Experience

Bid adieu to those freezing screens that have spoiled your gaming experience. No more spending thousands of bucks to buy a high-end console or graphics card because we’ve got you covered. These top ten cloud gaming services will enhance your gaming experience like never before.


Hatch has a simple formula for all the game lovers – when you like what you see, just click play to play. With more than 100 games to offer, this cloud gaming service excellently streams premium games on demand. Whether you are a fan of adventure games, racing or action series, Hatch gaming service contains all of it.

Besides, this cloud gaming arcade requires no game downloads. You can stream the whole version of any game for free and play it whenever and wherever you wish to. What’s more interesting is the fact that this gaming service allows both, single and multiplayer format. Also, you can record your high scores on the leaderboards and share tips and tricks for games you have played.


With the power to transform any under-powered PC or tablet into a high-end game machine, Shadow gaming services are being a hit amongst the game enthusiast. This exceptional cloud gaming arcade has surpassed every hardware limitations your PCs or consoles can throw at you.

An equivalent of GTX 1080s for GPUs, Shadow claims of 4k streaming as well as gigabit internet for the cloud PC. In other words, this revolutionary gaming arcade will be able to deliver the highest quality streaming experience ever.

Another star feature of this gaming service is its low premium prices. By just paying $35 every month, you will be able to access all the intensive games within seconds. Moreover, Shadow is compatible with any device that supports Android, Windows, or MacOS. An iOS version of this gaming service is in progress and will be available soon.


Unlimited games, compatible with all types of devices! That’s the kind of dream every gamer wishes to come true. Blacknut cloud gaming service is turning that dream into reality. With over 200 games already in its chambers, this gaming server is adding new games to its service every week.

The most amazing feature of this service is the fact that you get an easy escape from ads and in-app purchases. Besides, Blacknut gaming service also doesn’t require any storage space. You can simply launch and play any game available in the catalog instantly.

Also, with Balcknut’s latest partnership with Square Enix, gamers will now be able to play Lara Croft Go, Deux Ex Go, Hitman Go, and Hitman Sniper without paying any additional cost.


Now you can turn any local multiplayer game into an online game using Parsec gaming services. Yes, it’s true. With innovative technology and a promise of low-latency of 60 FPS, this gaming service stream highly intensive games in split-seconds. Whether you are playing from your basement, couch or from anywhere in the world, Parsec Co-Play works without hassle.

And, not only this, but you can also share access with your friends for some specific games. In addition, you can block access to other applications, and know the number of accurate input devices each person has connected to on your PC. The good news about this gaming service is – it’s free of cost.

However, the best features like Discord does with Nitro may require some payment. So, even if you don’t spend on its special features, the core streaming process will remain free.

GeForce Now

Wish to play games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Rainbow Six Siege in high resolution without fearing the freezing screen? Well, then, its time you should consider using GeForce Now cloud gaming services. Once you begin to use this service, the gaming experience will not be the same for you.

With its ultra HD visuals and 60FPS (frames per second), GeForce Now is one of the most impressive cloud gaming services up till now. And, that’s not just it. This NVIDIA powered gaming service supports over 400 games which can work anywhere and nearly on any device. However, a fast internet connection is mandatory for its smooth running.

Other than this, GeForce Now gaming service can be streamed in two modes, namely, standard quality or ultra streaming. With ultra streaming mode, the video game quality is definitely remarkable. The pictures and characters will be sharp with minimum compression effects.


Known for its low entry pricing gaming service, Kalydo is setting some serious benchmarks for other cloud gaming services. With a benefit of a free trial of 30 days, this gaming service allows the gamers to play instantly as soon as the game file has been streamed.

In other words, Kalydo gaming service is based on file streaming rather than video streaming. What’s the difference? Well, for file streaming gaming services, a good CDN (content distribution network) is enough.

Once the user streams in a first package (for instance, 50MB-300MB) post that, they can start playing. The files needed to play the game will be delivered only when required. Moreover, Kalydo works on low bandwidth meaning it provides a zero-latency even if your internet connection is terrible.


Adding to the list of best cloud gaming services is another name Paperspace. This exceptional gaming service is for those who wish to spend wisely and economically. The gaming service allows users to rent their powerful hardware at a bare minimum cost per hour.

Easy to set up and use, Paperspace runs even the most demanding games smoothly on a MacBook Air or Raspberry Pi. Besides, its recent partnership with Parsec makes this gaming service the best cloud gaming server in the world.

PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now is a shout-out for people who enjoy playing play station games but cannot afford to invest in expensive gaming consoles. With over 650 games and still counting, this gaming service offers consistent game performance and impressive streaming experience.

From action and shooting games to fighting, RPGs, and indies, PlayStation Now gaming services adds new games to its library every month so that the gamers always have something new and exhilarating to play.

By bearing minimum subscription fees of $19.99 per month, or $44.99 per three months, you can now enjoy PS2, PS3 and PS4 games using your laptop or PC. No more waiting to buy the advance gaming consoles to play, just install and you are good to go!


LiquidSky is a known name in the cloud gaming service industry. With data centers all across the globe, this gaming service provides an economical way to a high-end gaming experience. The gaming service provider hosts a number of plans for the users.

From Beginner, Prestige, and Prestige+ Plans, you can choose subscriptions that suit your budget and requirement. LiquidSky offers you the best value for your money. Other than this, when you subscribe to its monthly or yearly plan, it automatically enrolls you in the VIP Gamer Club, getting you added storage and time for gaming.

Apart from this, LiquidSky’s latency is quite low, and its video quality is also high. So, if you are looking for simple cloud gaming service and not something involving PlayStation games, then, LiquidSky is your pick.


If it’s about the best cloud gaming services, you cannot miss Vortex. This gaming service contains pre-installed games on its servers. Hence, there is no headache of downloading or updating the games. Its powerful NVIDIA hardware streams them instantly and keep them up and running to provide you with the ultimate gaming experience.

In other words, Vortex is the Netflix of gaming. With a minimum 10Mbps internet connection, this gaming service offers you over 100 games to play. Moreover, it is best suitable for gamers who just wish to know what cloud gaming has to offer.

Highly recommended for its compatibility with fast-paced games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Doom, Vortex provides the ultimate level of excellence in games like Civilization VI or Euro Truck Simulator 2. Also, its video quality and latency are noteworthy. Simply put, it is a complete package for any novice to cloud gaming services.

Since picking up the best cloud gaming services can be a pickle, we hope these ten pick-outs have narrowed your way. Also, share with us which gaming services worked best for you.

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