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The core value of online marketing development is to develop strategic online marketing plans that determine how to best use online marketing mechanisms to optimize all stages of the business development process. business. This includes creating customer potential /lead customer leads, nurture customer leads, convert and optimize the after-sales relationship.

Once entering the world of online marketing, whether you like it or not, you have to spend a certain amount of money on the investment. Money invested is a legitimate purpose, but sometimes the results are not as desired. After all, you waste the above money in vain.

The concept of “saving” on online marketing costs can be said to be a concept only expressed at a relative level. Because in fact, what you want in marketing is not saving but optimizing your budget. To be able to build an effective and optimal marketing strategy, take a look and pocket these 9 concepts right away:

1. Spending money to improve knowledge

Surely you will think, “It doesn’t cost much, why spend a fortune to improve knowledge?”

Because the world of online marketing always contains risks and complications inside. Even specialized words are quite confusing and confusing, just one word is wrong and your whole system is at risk of malfunction.

Besides, you also avoid being ‘pulled’ into affiliate marketing projects and programs, which are mostly scams. When you attend online marketing training courses, you will know how to make real money? These methods are always different from what you see a lot online, such as “After 3 months of the program, you can earn 6 million more/month”, or “Only 30 minutes a day you can earn $1,000/month.”

Remember that real marketing experts never make such promises. All they guarantee is just “Try…try and you will succeed”.

In addition, equipping your knowledge will help you avoid becoming lucrative prey for some companies or organizations. For example, many companies can increase Google Adwords advertising to a minimum of 4 million / month knowing you do not know.

2. Spending on analysis

Effective analysis and statistics are always been one of the important jobs of online marketing. Without data and statistics, you cannot know where your system is in the eyes of customers. This is also the basic difference when comparing online marketing and offline marketing. Even before building a website, you will have to deal with keyword analysis tools like Google Keyword Planner, and then when the website has content, you will need the help of Google Analytics to track traffic and user behavior. As for tracking search volume, you can use Google Webmaster Tools or Bing Webmaster Tools. Or to analyze the traffic of social networking sites, you will need the help of Simply Measured or Iconosquare, etc…

Most of the above are free tools, but countless other paid tools help you get more complete, more authentic, and more detailed data. By spending money on analytics tools, you will know exactly what you need to do next, avoiding wasting time and money on unnecessary items.

3. Avoid wasting time

With a tight budget, you need to allocate time to work hard and build the current system. Always keep in mind that, no matter how unique and unique your system is, other competitors are trying to kick you out of this game. Only by growing fast can you get the necessary safety distances.

Moreover, the better you make use of your time, the less you spend on other things. Only after your system has grown will you look back and find yourself saving a lot of unnecessary waste.

4 . Digital Marketing Strategy

Write down a specific digital marketing and promotion strategy that you want to use or use for reference. The marketing strategy online is to consider using include:

  • Search Engine Optimization  (SEO): This is a campaign where you have to optimize your website with search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo… so that your website stands on page 1 of Google with related keywords. to the content, products, and services of your website. This method will bring you a regular and free customer base every day. To do this you can hire an SEO company or you can do it yourself if you have solid SEO knowledge.
  • Pay Per Click – Search Engine Marketing  (SEM): this is a service where you will have to bid and pay for the clicks and visits to your website through ads.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Use other websites to advertise your products and give them a percentage of the profit
  • Link exchange: this is a very good option, you can both increase the popularity of your website, and attract more customers, and it also helps SEO very well if the websites you exchange are reputable.
  • Write articles and share: if you have good articles and are shared by many people, your information will go viral quickly and this also helps your website to be appreciated by search engines more highly.

5. Traditional advertising campaign

Successful Digital Marketing is to know how to combine with traditional marketing

  • Use sales letters, flyers, postcards…
  • Use directories, billboards, yellow pages, radio, television, etc.
  • Organizing events and seminars
  • Write articles for magazines, local newspapers, and other publications in your field that will help you become known as an expert
  • Direct sales
  • Use press releases, exhibitions
  • Organize referral program
  • Co-market with businesses that share your target market
  • Exchange goods 

6. Pricing, positioning, and branding

From the information gathered, establish a strategy to determine the price of your product, the position your product will reach in the market, and how you will gain brand awareness.

7. Budget for Digital marketing activities

The budget here refers to the expected amount of money that you spend to perform the activities that need to be done with your digital marketing campaign. Any activity needs to plan to spend, use budget thoughtfully to avoid waste or delay due to lack of budget. In short, the spending budget for the campaign must match your capabilities and the time of campaign implementation.

8. Marketing goals

Give specific numbers that you want to get in the campaign. Example: “The goal of this campaign is going to be at least 15 customers every month or created 200 customer potential of every month.”

If you are building SEO for a new website, you need to have a potential strength and be different from other competitors.

Take 1 example: Jade Black is an eyewear brand, if you search for information about this brand on Google search, you won’t find much information, although there are still customers searching,. Meanwhile, if you search “Jade Black” Review on youtube, you’ll find quite a few YouTubers talking about it. So, the strategy here, you can start reaching customers who search for information on Google with keywords Jade Black Review.

9. Measure the results of Digital Marketing activities

Throughout the process of implementing digital marketing campaigns, you always have to conduct measurement and inspection activities to detect possible risks, thereby making appropriate adjustments to achieve effective results. set forth by the Board of Directors. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Survey customers to see if they are satisfied or not
  • Track sales, leads, website visitors, and sales
  • Determine which marketing strategies are most effective and which are least effective
  • Measure the effectiveness and profit earned on each marketing activity


While you’re thinking about ways to “save,” businesses out there are optimizing their budgets. Simply because they are fully equipped with the knowledge to know how much and how is an effective digital marketing strategy. Use what you’ve just read into your strategy.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.