clubhouse for marketing

Follow thought-leaders in your field
Clubhouse develops a completely new platform to help you build trust and authority for your brand. Begin by following popular accounts and thought leaders in your industry. Join rooms on a regular basis and request to speak as much as possible. This can lead to moderators agreeing to co-host a room with you the next time, increasing your following even further.

Join relevant Clubs
Clubs are groups of Clubhouse users who are interested in the same topics. You’ll be notified whenever an admin schedules or launches a room if you subscribe to these. Join your club’s rooms and speak up to get your name out there and begin to gain followers.

Start your own room
Rooms allow you to flex your industry knowledge and go into greater detail about your product or service than other platforms. Now that you’re the star of your own show, make sure to value the other people in your room. You could host a Q&A session in your industry niche or provide personal advice to potential clients.

Start your own club
Clubs are similar to Facebook or LinkedIn groups in that you can start your own in your niche and grow it in size. Clubs with catchy names are more likely to be joined, which can help you reach even more people when you host your next room.

Make a killer bio
People will be able to see your bio when they click your icon. This is where you can put your experience and specialties to use while also adding a personal touch. Make sure you nail it in the first three lines, as this can be the deciding factor in gaining a new follower.

Sponsor popular rooms or clubs
Find rooms or clubs with large followings and offer to sponsor their next room. It could be as simple as mentioning your company in an ad break or allowing you to co-moderate the room.

Collaborate with other businesses
Find companies that serve a similar market and collaborate to create rooms and clubs. For example, a PPC consultant, SEO firm, and creative agency collaborating to create a room where small businesses can get digital marketing advice.

Get Keynote speakers your target audience
Invite clubhouse members in your industry who have a large following to be keynote speakers in your room. This is a fantastic way to give back to your followers while also cross-pollinating with some of theirs. Remember that the purpose of the room is to provide value to the listeners, so be gentle when promoting your company.

Special offers and giveaways
Everyone loves a good deal, so why not create exclusive discounts or offers for your Clubhouse audience? This could be a club discount coupon or a free consultation call, but do your best to provide people with something they will appreciate.

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