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Tips for Blackberry Farming In Pot

Tips for Blackberry Farming In Pot

One of the most common yet loved fruit for their sweet and slightly tart flavor is the Blackberries. If you want to start Blackberry farming then this is the right time especially when you have enough resources as more and more people are discovering the tasteful and health benefits of this fruit there will be more interest among the people towards Blackberry farming. In some recent years, Blackberry farming has gained much attention because it can enable the individual to gain a variety of avenues for you from the market. When you have started Blackberry farming, you can either use your backyard or balcony but if you are living in a rented space where the landlord will never allow you to grow plants that will grow with the wall then growing container is ideal. Here is what do you need to know about this

Choosing the Right Pot or Container

Because the blackberries develop a root system that will love to spread so you will need to choose a container that will accommodate this. Take a whiskey barrel for instance which should be at least 24 inches in diameter, because of its size, it will be a perfect choice for growing such plants. However, any container or pot with at least 24 inches in diameter and 12 inches deep will give the plant great support to grow better. Also, if you have found something bigger for blackberry farming then you will not have to worry about transplanting the plant once it starts to grow. Avoid small pots because smaller pots may cause yellow leaves, pest infestation, and a small yield of fruit.

Take Care of Direct Sunlight

Start with basics. Sunlight is one of the major factors in growing any plant (with some exceptions) and in the case of Blackberry farming, they will require extensive sunlight so exposure to the sunlight is important so when you are about to plant it either on a field or in a pot, make sure there will be 6-8 hours of sunlight exposure to them for better production.

Best Growing Tips

Blackberries do not require intensive care especially when you are growing them in a container or pot however if you want to get a good yield of fruit every year then you should:

Check The Moisture Level Of Soil Daily; though it doesn’t require much water you should be taking care of most of the soil regularly and if you found the soil dry or almost dry then water the plant at an adequate level.

Use of Fertilizer: Modern fertilizers play an important tool for better yield in blackberry farming this is why in every spring, you should be using the 10-10-10 NPK fertilizer.

Prune In The Spring And Fall: To get the most from your fruits once the fruiting is finished then you should prune the barriers. Pruning is a crucial part of any edible plant care. From maintaining the shape and size of the plant; to stimulate strong growth and have better fruit quality, this can be done through prune.

Best Harvesting Time: Once you find your blackberries got that dull black in appearance and lose their shiny luster then it is the time to harvest them. At this time the fruit will have grown to the point where they will not be overly sour and will have a sweet taste. This is the stage of blackberry maturity that helps to foster free word-of-mouth advertising for your commercial blackberry farm.

Pests and Disease Management

One of the most important things of Blackberry farming is that pests and disease management and you will be surprised to know that container-grown blackberries are more resistant to pests and diseases so they will be easy to manage in any unwanted plague to plants. Also, the container-grown black barriers aren’t just easy to manage but due to their self-contained nature, they will never tangle themselves with other nearby plants that can increase the chance of pest infestation.

Also when it comes to pests or diseases then you will not have to worry about this because they aren’t prone to them. However, you should keep an eye for blackberry rosette, cane rust, and anthracnose, and keep an eye on your plant by observing every week to find any Japanese beetle infestations.

When to Pick

If the berries have turned from red to more blackish purple or black then this is the sign that they ripen enough and they are ready to be picked. Once you start to pick the fruit then you will need to check your fruits regularly because not all of the fruits will be ripped at once so check them constantly.

Now is the time to either sell them to the local market, prepare a jam, or just eat them directly and it would taste much better because you know you earned them. And for further tips you can click here for further information.

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