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Thumbtack is one of the biggest service marketplaces that can be accessed from its website or a Thumbtack app. Service marketplace refers to a place where people can easily find the services providers like handyman who is capable in fixing home appliances. Well, more than 10,000 service providers have joined Thumbtack to provide their quality services to the needy people. But, many service provider think that Thumbtack is capable to offer only limited services.

Well, that is all wrong, Thumbtack accepts all type services that people demand on it and according to the requirement it accepts the service provider’s profile. It is one of the best platforms in the world that allow services seeker as well as the service providers to get rid of their problems. Service seeker or user can get the solution of their problem and service provider will be paid for his or her services.

It is a great place for every type of service provider to earn more than their expectation. It’s a perfect place to use special skills, skills that can help many other people and in return, it will let you get paid for the provided services.

It’s time for you to explore the services that Thumbtack accepts on their app for listing

Family Counselor

There are families that have many issues regarding many things and sometimes they do not get solutions easily. Some parents stress out due to the kids education and slowly this situations become a big problems a family. To control these unconditional issues, people consider finding a family counsellor who can help them with their family issues. So, if any person is a certified counsellor than he or she is capable enough to register their profile of Thumbtack.

Wedding or Event Planner

It’s a huge problem for the people who are ready to get married but are unable to find a proper wedding planner. Without any option, these helpless people have to choose the event planners who charge them highly for every single service. That is why Thumbtack allows people to provide event planning services through its platform. The best thing about providing services through Thumbtack is the service seeker can directly make contact with the service provider. They can make communicate via call or text what so ever seems suitable between them.

Massage On Demand

Due to the execs of workload, people are getting busy and tensed about their jobs. They are well aware that nothing will change on the other but still people are considering to work rather than taking rest. But, some of the other day rest becomes mandatory for everyone. That is why the massage industry is getting more popular these days. People consider getting on demand massage services at their home. But, many people are unable to find a therapist that is why Thumbtack is right place to find them.

On Demand Service provider Marketplace

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