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Uber is sometimes like the secretive and mysterious wealthy neighbour whom you have always thought about and get hiccups to know as to what is going on inside the wealthy home.

Uber, an app for passengers and drivers provides amazing services to their customers and always persuades them to hit around the backwoods along with offering blurry answers to questions related to their financial status.

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Taxi Brand Uber updates

Even during the phase of strong opposition from the competitors and various cases against its security, safety and employment policies, Uber somehow managed to come out of the muddy allegations and again turned out in the form of a shining and crushing brand.

This time though, it’s not about the uber rider but the drivers.

After all, the drivers are also a very strong participant who have helped and supported Uber in becoming an unbeatable brand.

The CEO of Uber, Mr Dara Khosrowshahi offered a memo to the employees of the Uber after he figured out the discouraging Initial Public Offering (IPO) that saw the falling percentage of the share was more than 7% from its original listing price.

In the memo which he sent to the employees, Mr Khosrowshahi writes’’, “Obviously our stock did not trade as well as we had hoped post-IPO.” He also remarked that Monday was another a tough day in the market.

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The CEO of Uber also suggested that his employees look back at Amazon and Facebook’s IPOs which also had a bumpy start before flourishing their enormous market caps.

He also highlighted that the IPO heightened a lot of capital in favor of the company that will be undoubtedly reinstated into improving the profits and margins. He also mentioned that Uber will be obviously judged on the basis of long-term performance.

This step was also taken by keeping in mind about the safety and the dignity of the Uber drivers.

Sometimes it happens that the riders start misbehaving with the Drivers. In this situation, the driver can offer the most honest ratings and feedbacks and leave the rest on Uber.

Very soon, a new concept of Uber water will undoubtedly hammer the market with the same spirit and aplomb.

By wrapping up this article, we can simply conclude that Uber being a reputed brand in the industry takes care of the customers as well as the drivers and just because of the inconvenience and uneasiness that the drivers were facing courtesy the unruly passengers, Uber had to take this action.

By Anurag Rathod

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