Looking for a relaxing and ideal escape from the world? Well you got that by planning a trip to Rajmachi. The roughen mountain paths and greenery for as long as you can see is what you can expect from this trek. 

The beautiful landscapes promise a trek uphill where you can indulge in bird watching and photography. There are waterfalls and mountain streams at the base which makes the scenery even more beautiful. There are a number of things you can do while in Rajmachi and the list of which are as follows. 


Bikes can be ridden up to a certain level, but trekking is the only way through which you can reach the top through the stony paths. With the fluttering butterflies and chirping birds, a trek to rajmachi is exactly what urban trekkers require. 

You have the option to choose a rather harder and longer trek from Kondewadi village or go from Lonavla choosing the easier path. You get warm home cooked food at the base of the village so you need not carry food. 


You just have to gather a group of family and friends and decide to campaign overnight and in no time it will be the best experience you’ve had. You can trek in the caves of the hills. 

There are other options to camp at Udhewadi village that lies at the base of Rajmachi, in case you descend before sundown. The villagers offer home cooked food and home stay, but you can also campaign under the stars.


Rajmachi is typically famous for it’s firefly festival, come early monsoons or late summers and you find a hoard of these little creatures around making the place even more worthy. 

The Rajmachi trek has a number of endemic birds that fly in for winters. You can explore more bird watching opportunities by visiting Pawna Lake near Lonavla around October and November.


Monsoons are the best times when you can visit Rajmachi to see the ravishing waterfalls and click some good photos and add up to the memories the beautiful scenery around. 

The Kataldhar waterfalls, which does ask for some strenuous treks along the slippery paths, is an amazing place, with some small caves around them.


At about 6.5kms from Lonavla is a peak that offers the best view for Rajmachi at the adjoining peaks and valleys. Rajmachi is visible from the point that is surrounded by valleys and waterfalls.

One of the best things you can do is trek to the Rajmachi point and after exploring the places, continue trekking to the Rajmachi fort. 

Rajmachi is definetly a place you can visit to get over your stress, it is the perfect place for the urban trekkers. Situated near Lonavla this place starts offering you memories way before you even reach Rajmachi. It is a place bathed in it’s own charm snuggled in the Shayadri ranges of Maharashtra. Rajmachi is a good start for all the amateur trekkers and even for the once who are looking for some light and breezy  outing, just to get some zest to your otherwise monotonous city life

Being said this, it is recommended to carry appropriate food and water supplies as it is an adventurous trek and not many shops are available there. It is also recommended to wear appropriate clothing and footwear specially during monsoon as it becomes slippery and then trekking becomes difficult. There are various ways you can reach this place by air, by road and by rail. So the most beautiful place awaits your presence, so that it gives you an experience you never forget.