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6 Things To Consider Before Purchasing Pipe Clips

6 Things To Consider Before Purchasing Pipe Clips

Suspended pipes are widely supported by using pipe clamps or clips. These clips are also known as pipe-clamped shoes. For connecting the pipe with other assembly components and to give it proper support these pipe clamps are circular or semi-circular attachments that clamp onto a pipe. In this way, the load of the piping system can be transferred to the structure. There are many different types of pipe clips available in the market such as metal p clips, metal u clips, etc. it is up to you which ones you choose according to your requirements. But before you purchase any metal clips it is better to consider a few things. 

Things to Consider Before Purchase

When you want to buy pipe clips like metal p clips for a specific purpose there are various parameters that must be considered in ordered to make the right purchase choice. 

Pipe Material

Pipe material is an important thing to consider when you are buying them for a specific pipe. You must make sure that the material of the clips is compatible with that of the pipe. If it is not the same then it can lead to galvanic corrosion. For example, an SS pipe would require an SS pipe clamp. 

Pipe Temperature

With temperature changes, the pipes can expand or contract which depends majorly on the material of the pipe. Therefore, whenever you buy pipe clamps make sure you keep the temperature fluctuations in mind and buy a clamp that can withstand such fluctuations.

Load Bearing Capability

You should select the pipe clamps according to the load that they can bear. There are standard as well as heavy versions of pipe clamps. The manufacturer’s catalog is commonly known to list all the pipe clips with their load-bearing capacities from which it gets easy to choose. For axial load applications, these pipe clips are normally avoided. But then in some moderate load cases, the U-clips can be used for the application of line stop if it is in small size lines. Clamped shoes can also be used as line stops. So, in such cases, you must check the axial load and make some arrangements if necessary. 

Pipe Size or Outer Diameter

Pipe size and diameter are also some of the important things that need to be considered while buying pipe clips like metal p clips. Each type of metal clip is made for pipes of different sizes and diameters. Usually, such information about diameters or sizes is present in the manufacturer’s catalog from which you can very easily figure out which metal clamps are the most suitable. 

Working Environment

The environment in which the pipe clamps will be installed also affects this decision. In order to avoid corrosion, you need to make sure that it is coated with the right type of material that is required to protect against that particular environment it will be installed in. 

Special Requirements

Some other special functions are required by the pipe clamps like metal p clips. For example, absorbing noise or having a lining of rubber. So according to such functions the pipe clamps shall be selected. 

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