How to Take Care After Hair Transplant Surgery?

Los Angeles hair transplant offers the best services for hair transplant. The surgeons are experienced with both FUE and FUT hair transplant methods. There are several methods of hair restoration, but hair transplant surgery is the only permanent solution.

Los Angeles has the best hair transplant clinics. They offer the latest methods for a hair transplant that are less invasive and have minimal risks. Los Angeles hair clinics offer the best FUE hair transplant. The FUE method is the most popular method. This method does not leave scars, and the recovery is quick.

FUE Hair Transplant LA

FUE hair transplant is a method that involves harvesting hair follicles from the back of your scalp and then implanting them on the recipient areas. This method is natural and permanent. The hair will grow thick and healthy.

LA clinics have been providing hair restoration surgeries for years. This means that they are very experienced and services are the best. After the surgery, your doctor will give you some instructions to follow. These instructions help you to avoid serious risks and complications. The following are ways you should use to take care of your hair after the surgery.

Hair Wash

Hair wash is important in the hair transplant recovery process. The doctor will always give you some instructions on how to wash your hair. The hair wash process follows the following steps:

· Before you wash your hair, you will first cover it with a moisturizer and then leave it for about 30 minutes. This moisturizer helps to soften the surgery area and remove the traces of dried blood. After the 30 minutes wait, you will wash your hair gently with warm water. You will use mild shampoos to massage your head gently.

· After washing your hair, you should then dry it gently with paper. Being gentle to your scalp is important because it prevents you from bleeding.

· You should shampoo your hair daily until marks of blood disappear from your scalp. You can wash your hair normally after two weeks. Always make sure you use shampoos. Wash your hair 

Two times a day after the surgery.

Pain After the Surgery

You might feel pain a few days after the surgery. You can also find it hard to sleep after. The area where the hair was removed may feel more painful than the recipient area. This pain can be relieved by a painkiller. After the hair transplant procedure, the doctor will give you pain relievers. Take those meds and if the pain continues, make sure to call your doctor.


Swelling is uncommon during the hair transplant procedure. It happens when a lot of hair has been transplanted to the hairline. The swelling can affect the forehead and around your eyes. This swelling can go on for about five days. The doctor will give you some medication to reduce this swelling.

Shaving After Hair Transplant Surgery

You are allowed to shave your hair a month after the surgery. After a week, your scalp will be healed completely.

Wearing A hat After the Surgery

After the surgery, the doctor will give you a hat you will use to go out. This hat will protect you from specks of dust that may lead to infections. Make sure to wear this hat for at least five days.

After that, you can now wear your desired hat. When choosing a hat, make sure it is not tight because this can cause pain to your scalp. Ensure that you wear the hat for about two weeks, then you can now remove it.


If you have a workout routine, you should pause it for about 10 days. You are advised to do this to avoid the risks of infections. Your doctor will also tell you to go for short walks and then take a shower immediately. Make sure to follow these instructions.

Alcohol Consumption

The doctor will advise you not to take alcohol for two. Because taking alcohol will slow the healing process. For a quick recovery, you should avoid alcohol.

Correct Sleeping Position

Make sure not to touch the surgery area. Avoid the areas so that you may prevent infections and bleeding. The doctor will advise you to lie on your back and raise your head with a pillow. Raising your head will help to reduce swelling. You will be given special pillows from the clinic, which you will use for about two weeks.

Itching After Hair Restoration

Itching is common after the surgery. You may feel itching all over your scalp for about two weeks. The itching shows that your scalp is now healing. If the itching continues, you should call your doctor and give you some medications to relieve it.

Sun Exposure

Make sure not to expose yourself to sunlight for a few weeks after the surgery. For up to six months, the doctor will recommend wearing a hat when you are in direct sunlight.


Hair restoration is an important process. It helps to restore your lost hair. If you want to undergo this surgery, make sure to do good research. Los Angeles offers the best hair transplant surgery. After the procedure, the outcome is always natural. Also, follow the doctor’s instructions to avoid risks and complications.

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