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Electronic Flow Meter: Some Important Aspects Worth Considering

Electronic Flow Meter: Some Important Aspects Worth Considering

Electronic Flow Meters fall under non-mechanical flow meters. They contain no moving parts. The most they can do is vibrate. Magnetic flow meters execute electric properties. That’s why they are usually called electromagnetic flow meters. Generally, electronic flow meters are non-intrusive. Thus, they can serve you for long without wear, tear, and corrosion. 

Like any other flow meter, you need to know the aspects to consider when selecting electric flow meters. Check out the following before you seal the deal.

Know the Process

A flow meter is vital in gauging the flow rate. However, it will be of limited help if you don’t understand the process. First, learn why you need the flow meter and the processes the fluid needs to go through. Then, when you are consulting with the manufacturer or the supplier, tell them of your firm’s needs.

Consult plant operators in the design process of your firm. They will explain to you every step that is needed. Then, they will give suggestions on the suitable electronic flow meters that you can buy. You will find it easy to select a flow meter based on the firm’s needs and budget. 

Type of Media

You can use an electronic flow meter for liquids or gases. However, they are more popular with liquids. Then, the liquid properties such as viscosity, density, temperature, and conductivity affect the type of flow meter you select. A fluid must contain electric properties to the world with electronic flow meters. Thus, there are a few fluids with no ions that can’t work with EM meters. 

Non-intrusive electronic flow meters are perfect for corrosive fluids. However, you need to check what a flow meter can handle. Different designs and sizes have a range of parameters they can handle. Do not overwork a flow meter as it may give you wrong readings. 


Accurate gauging depends on several factors. Also, different firms have different accuracy needs. Highly accurate flow meters are expensive. Thus, if accuracy is not a top requirement, you can select an electronic flow meter that can give you a reasonable accuracy range. However, you should go for highly accurate flow meters if you are dealing with custody transfer. 

The accuracy level will also depend on the fluid you are gauging. Check the acceptable accuracy level for each fluid. Flow gauging is mainly needed in the billing process. Thus, you may need to pay more or less depending on the inclination of the error. 

Data Recording and Reporting

Every firm has specific needs when they want to install flow meters. Some need the meter to monitor the flow rate and keep it in the required flow range. However, some uses need to be monitored and recorded- Nowadays, people prefer to automate the process. Thus, they need a flow meter with a reliable recording and reporting interface. 

Alarms are a way to alert the operators that they need to attend to the flow meter. Thus, you calibrate the flow meters according to your needs. 

Installing Location

Your system setting will determine the type of flow meter you can select. First, if you have straight pipelines, have a wide selection of flow meters. A system that has many bends will have many flow disturbances. Thus, you’ll need a flow meter that will overcome the flow disturbances. 

Never force a flow meter to fit into an existing system. First, assess if it can fit the flow properties. Also, it should be able to overcome any flow disturbances that may occur. 

Many flow meters require straight piping before and after the flow meter. Ensure that you design your flow channels to have a good stretch of straight piping. If it’s hard to achieve straight piping, you can use flow conditioners to reduce errors caused by flow disturbances. 

Avoid downward flow when you are gauging a liquid’s flow rate. The pull of gravity hastens the flow giving you a false reading. The best way to gauge a fluid flow rate is horizontal. But a vertical upward flow is also an acceptable way to install a flow meter. 

Pipe Size and Material

All flow meters are made to fit in different sizes of pipes. Do not buy a flow meter blindly. Always ensure your electronic flow meter will fit and handle the flow rate within the pipes. Consult with your supplier in the flow meters that can flow channel. 

Maintenance Cost

Each electronic flow meter has a different maintenance cost. It depends on the type and design of the flow meter. Also, the installation location determines whether you need regular maintenance. 

Fortunately, many electronic flow meters are non-intrusive, and they have no moving parts. Thus, you can stick to the recommended maintenance schedule according to the type and design. However, it would help if you kept calibrating the flow meters from time to time. 


The aspects you should check when selecting an electronic flow meter are similar to other flow meters. The difference comes when you check the caves that enable electricity to function with the flow meter. In some cases, like in mag meters, the electricity comes from within the meter and not externally. Also, you should know how to handle them so they can serve you for a long time. 

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