Keyword Golden Ratio

What is the Keyword Golden Ratio?

It is a technique to use the under-served keywords for a new website to generate traffic and revenue and Diginerds had accomplished. Getting views and generating revenue from a newly launched website can be difficult and can take upto several days to bring your website in the top list of the most viewed websites.

Keyword golden ratio is considered as one of the best search engine optimization techniques to select the best and frequently used keywords that will help you to attract a larger audience within just a few hours. It helps you to feel more confident about your content that it has a potential to attract the attention of the audience.

It is difficult to get out of the sandbox when you have a new website. Keyword golden ratio can work as a game changer for your website. It can help your website to gain ranking from lowest to the highest. It is also considered as the “HOLY GRAIL” of SEO techniques.

Why would you use Keyword Golden Ratio?

  • Keyword golden ratio helps the newbies to stay motivated. If you don’t want to just sit with fingers crossed and waiting for the results then go for the KGR. It helps you to achieve small wins that keeps you motivated that your content/product will pay you off.
  • For realistic expectations of progress, you need to perform a data-driven calculation that will help you to understand the objective for using KGR.
  • For staying competitive on Google, you need to prioritize the keyword that needs to be published and attract attention. Keyword golden ratio helps you to narrow down the list of thousands of keywords that are being used on Google and from them which are being helpful in attracting the audience.
  • Calculating Keyword golden ratio is a manual process that is mostly ignored by most of your competitors. Not everyone has access to the rich vocabulary that can help you to make your website ranking in the top 100.

How to calculate Keyword Golden Ratio?

Keyword golden ration = #of allintitle / search volume

It can also be defined as the number of google results consisting of keyword phrases divided by the local monthly search volume. This formula of KGR is simple and foolproof. The KGR should be less than 0.25.

  • LESS THAN 0.25. If KGR is less than 0.25 you have higher chances that your website should rank in top 100.
  • BETWEEN 0.25 AND 1. If the KGR lies between 0.25-1, there is still a chance to rank between top 250.
  • GREATER THAN 1. If KGR is greater than 1, your website will fall below the ranking of 250.

The keyword golden ratio seems like a golden ticket for the new websites.

What is the purpose of Allintitle?

Allintitle is a google search option that shows the results for the most used keywords on the google. It will provide you the exact number of searches with the same keywords in their Title Tag. Title tag is an important factor; it helps you to determine the number of websites using the same keywords in their content. Mostly used keywords lead towards the lowest ranking on google.

For finding the long-tail keywords you can visit the that consists of a keyword suggestion tool, that is very helpful in making the decision for the keyword golden ratio.

How does KGR Work?

Keyword golden ratio is an opportunity for the website owners to achieve milestones time by time. It can also act as a drastic change for some websites overnight. Selecting appropriate keywords helps you to narrow down your audience. Long-tail keywords are a better option as they are lessly used while searching. People prefer typing the short-tail/head keywords. Keyword Golden Ratio is helpful in developing a top niche website to attract the traffic for the website and generate revenue. If the keywords are targeted properly your website can lie in the top 50.

Keyword golden ratio is a sort of shortcut for the website owners to earn money as soon as possible and generate traffic and revenue for the website. Keyword golden ratio is the easiest way to target the best possible match for the long-tail keywords that need to be published. KGR is the easiest way to implement. It helps to rank your website in almost a few hours or 2 days. KGR is beneficial for the newbies to boost their website.

A sweet spot for the keyword golden ratio score is less than 0.25

The benefits of KGR primarily include:

  • Keyword golden ratio acts as a signature to develop a top scoring and hgh ranking website.
  • When a site is newly launched it is difficult to attract audience you have to work harder through publishing scholarly articles and using the KGR method to generate review and for ranking purpose as well
  • After the implementation of the KGR there is no need for the backlinks.
  •  After publishing the article it is ranked in 1-3 pages of google within days, weeks or hours .
  • Eliminating the backlinks helps you to save time and costs. It allows you to focus towards your website.
  • Keyword golden ratio easily ranks and attracts traffic towards the new website.

Keyword golden ratio is an important technique in SEO but it helps to generate immediate traffic and revenue for the newcomers to keep them motivated towards their work/ website. It helps you to achieve initial satisfaction that every newcomer needs. KGR is an easiest yet manual way to select the best matches of keywords for your content. It can be a great start for your website and to motivate you to keep going on whatever you are working on.

The simple formula for keyword golden ratio is the reliable way to short list the long-tail keywords that need to be used in the article. This blog will be beneficial in understanding the use and importance of keyword golden ratio that might be helpful for you.

By Anurag Rathod

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