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The automobile industry has seen a massive spike in sales in Spring 2020. The new year has come with new records of sales. The new vehicle sales have fallen. The Automakers Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, Subaru, and Mazda have seen a rise in sales of SUVs and Crossovers.

Ford and Honda have seen a decline in sales last month. The lesser fleet orders have seen falling car sales.  This month’s sale has gone upwards in the year-start and also it has increased the rate of success in the economy. Toyota has the title of best-selling automakers in 2020 while Volkswagen has seen an increase in sales by 0.2 percent. It has led to the 10.4 percent increase in sales of SUVs and pick-up truck line-up.

Toyota has a 33.1% increase in sales of 4runner and Tacoma. Toyota Corolla and Camry is the best-selling vehicle with increased sales. Hyundai sales increased by 1.5% percent in January compared to the last year. Hyundai Kona has seen an increase in sales by 19.6 percent while Santa Fe has seen a hike by 26.6 percent. Kia Telluride SUV has received a sale of 25.8 percent till last week.

Ford fleet sales have been lower down while Explorer has seen a huge spike in sales by 11.1 percent. Likewise, Honda has sales fall in January and received a decline of 9.2 percent. Honda Pilot has seen an increase in sales by 10.8 percent, and their SUV and pick-up truck line-up by 2.2 percent.

Subaru has seen an increase in sales by 0.3 percent and Crosstrek has 28.3 percent in sales.  Subaru Outback has seen a 3.6 percent increase in sales. Mazda has increased in sales by 6.9 percent that shows the increase in sales in the whole line-up.  

 The increase in sales percentage in the economy of the first-month shows the recovering from the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has taken a toll the previous year on people’s purchasing power and with the lifted stay-in-home orders people’s businesses are flourishing that has led to an increase in sales percentage of different Automakers.

The continuous popularity of bigger vehicles like SUVs, Crossovers, and pick-up trucks. The versatility and durability of these vehicles have increased their sales. The financing offers and relief programs is another factor that has contributed to the sale. The dealerships in your area such as Antelope Valley Chevrolet, Ackerman Toyota, and more are offering 0% APR financing with cashback and attractive offers.

Along with the fleet of different layouts and outer body styles of cars comes hooked a hidden perspective of these car companies that even though they serve up to your dream of bringing home a piece of luxury and mobility in exchange for some heavy bucks they rather place you in the state of running your world of features upon the roads of competition.

The sudden hike and spike in the realm of the ‘Vehicular World’ have given up a whole wealth of options and decisions left out with the people and in a world like today the rather approach to garage a ‘4 tire’ beast is what has become easier than what was taken as ‘easier said than done’.

rises of SUV and Crossovers

Revitalize your world of cars by going after your dream car and claim it now, the world of cars has never been so glittery than it is ‘now’, what are your ‘feature-yearning’ with a car, find and know now.

Staying behind the wheel is what has been phrased a ‘real-deal steal’ and with companies coming up with their piece of technology and arrangement in cars, you save money and you heal.

By Anurag Rathod

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