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How can Google Remarketing Ads optimize your shopping performance?

How can Google Remarketing Ads optimize your shopping performance?

Setting up techniques to increase visitors to your store is an important component of any ecommerce business. If you want to grow your business and generate traffic at the same time, you’ll need an effective Google Ads strategy. This should incorporate Google Shopping and search advertisements that not only attract new customers but also remarket previous online store visitors.

What Is Google Remarketing Ads and How Do They Work?

Google Remarketing is a strategy used to retarget your Ads to potential customers who have shown interest in buying from your website. With Google remarketing ads, the company can retarget the customer with ads based on what they have browsed on their website. This is a powerful marketing technique because it allows companies to display relevant ads to customers based on the information they have collected.

When you visit a website, Google can track your online activity and store this data in their database. This is called “cookie tracking”. It is done with an invisible text file that is stored in your browser. The next time you visit that same website, Google will show you an ad for something that you were browsing before (called remarketing). We all know how annoying banner ads can be but these are more personalized and relevant which makes them more effective at increasing conversions.

How to Setup a Google Remarketing Campaign in 4 Steps

It is not hard to set up a Google remarketing campaign. It just takes four easy steps.

1) Create an ad group with the desired keywords

2) Add the website link to the ad group

3) Place the ads on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) or other websites you want to advertise on

4) Track and analyze your campaign’s performance

How to Conduct a Successful Campaign Using Google Retargeting

Mentioned below are few ways through which you can create a robust Google Remarketing ad campaign.

Use dynamic remarketing

Dynamic remarketing are Google ads targeted to people who have already shown interest in the products and services offered on your website. It shows your ad to previous website visitors by incorporating messages tailored to their needs. This helps you retarget your ad to people who were close to being converted. It gives you a better chance at acquiring more customers and increasing sales. The recommendation engine on Google ads also determines which type of ad layout is able to generate more leads. You can get a detailed overview on how to effectively use dynamic remarketing from Google Ads Help.

Google’s smart shopping campaign automatically extracts product data from a feed and displays them on various Google ad spaces. They can be used to target new customers, as well as previous website visitors through dynamic remarketing.

Create a retargeting campaign for abandoned carts.

There are times when people have added products to their online shopping cart but due to some reason, they tend to not buy it. This is referred as ‘cart abandonment’. It’s crucial to create effective strategies that retarget such an audience in order to boost conversion. It creates a great opportunity to retarget ads that are tailored to your audience. By creating a different segment that analyzes their behavior, you are able to comprehend reasons for abandoning the cart. This way, you are able to create catchy ads with compelling CTAs enabling your potential customers to re-visit the website so they can buy from you. You can also incorporate effective ways to improve checkout process of your online store, to ensure maximum optimization of your website.

Brands use email marketing to advertise their abandoned cart products to people. It gives them a gentle reminder of items they were missing out on, so you get motivated to make a purchase.

Use Responsive Display ads

Responsive Display Ads are Google adverts that alter automatically to match any available ad space in terms of size, style, and format. These ads can fit in any given space on the website, such as banner ads or dynamic text. It saves you time and ensures that the most effective ad format is displayed across all ad slots. Responsive display ads also help increase the performance of your ad campaigns, so you can generate more website visitors.

Bluehost used responsive display ads to advertise on various websites. Their ads were strategically placed on available ad slots. It helped capturing the attention of customers and redirecting them to their website.

Acquire existing customers through Customer Match

Customer Match is a tool that uses your data to engage with your pre-existing customers across the web. The information that your customer has shared with you can be used to boost your conversion rates. Here are 2 ways how customer match can bring back your potential customers.

1. Cross-selling

Customers who have recently purchased items from your website may be interested in buying other complementary products from you. You may tailor ads to these customers by showing other related items they might be interested in. Advertising to this segment may bring back previous website visitors, offering you the opportunity to make them your customer once again.

2. Up-selling

Up-selling is when you offer higher value products to your current customers to encourage them buy more from you. An effective way of doing this is by creating a separate segment of your converted audience. It will help you reach a smaller group of your website visitors who are already familiar with your products and services. If the ads are customized to this group, it can aid in generating higher revenue.

Revolve’s website shows products in a way that allows buyers to purchase additional items that help them ‘complete the look.’

Retargeting Google Ads can be an effective strategy for your digital ad campaigns. It can not only save your bucks on ineffective marketing, but can help you boost conversion rates. A good performing ad can bring drastic impact on your revenue charts.
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Author Bio:

Muhammad Anas is a Senior Digital Marketing Executive at Dexterous. Anas specializes in creating effective strategies for digital marketing activities across SEM, social media and other platforms. Hard work, consistency and a creative mindset are the driving forces he live by.

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