Rafting at Kolad in River KundalikaRafting at Kolad in River Kundalika


Finally, Kolad’s River Kundalika Rafting is a special and thrilling adventure experience that shouldn’t be missed. The river is perfect for both novice and expert rafters because it has rapids ranging in difficulty from grade 2 to 4. The River Kundalika’s rafting season, which runs from June through September, is the ideal place and time to go rafting. The village of Kolad is a tranquil and calm destination to visit because it is surrounded by lovely hills, forests, and the river. Kolad’s farmhouses provide a cosy and tranquil stay, making it the ideal escape from the craziness of the city. So be ready for a once-in-a-lifetime trip and pack your luggage for Kolad.

About Kolad:

 The River Kundalika is what makes Kolad a top vacation spot for thrill seekers. The river’s rapids are ideal for rafting, with grades 2 to 4 of difficulty to accommodate both inexperienced and seasoned paddlers. The best time to go rafting is during the River Kundalika’s rafting season, which lasts from June to September.

Other activities available in Kolad include camping, hiking, and nature hikes. Explore the local hills and forests, take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding area, and get up close to the unusual and varied flora and wildlife.

Kolad offers a variety of farmhouses for people looking for a tranquil and comfortable stay, so finding a place to stay is not a problem. These farmhouses have standard amenities like cosy rooms, swimming pools, and restaurants and are surrounded by gorgeous greenery.

About River Kundalika:

The Kundalika River’s rapids provide an exhilarating combination of outdoor activity and magnificent scenery. There are beginner-friendly guided rafting experiences available, where qualified guides go with them to guarantee their security. The river presents a distinct challenge for seasoned rafters because to its swiftly moving waters and various degrees of difficulty.

The River Kundalika’s surroundings are home to a number of farmhouses that offer serene and comfortable lodging. These farmhouses are located in quiet areas and provide standard amenities including cosy rooms, swimming pools, and dining establishments. After an exciting day of rafting, they offer the ideal spot to unwind and relax.

Rafting Season:

The River Kundalika’s difficult white-water rapids make for an excellent rafting adventure. The rapids are ideal for both inexperienced and seasoned rafters because they range in severity from grade 2 to 4. The best time to go rafting is during the rafting season, which lasts from June to September, when the river is flowing freely and the water level is optimal for rafting activities.

Rafting tours are provided for both individuals and groups during the rafting season. These tours are led by knowledgeable rafting guides who watch out for the rafters’ safety. For everyone’s convenience and enjoyment, the guides supply all of the rafting gear and safety gear required.

Rafting Experience:

Rafting Experience: Rafting on the Kundalika River is unlike anything else. The river’s rapids provide a unique combination of adventure and breathtaking scenery. The river’s rapids are difficult and need a certain amount of expertise, making it the perfect place for both novice and expert rafters. Beginners can choose to go on a guided rafting tour, where knowledgeable guides will be with them and watch out for them. The river presents a special challenge for seasoned rafters due to its swift current and various-graded rapids.


Kolad, a small village in Maharashtra’s Raigad district, is a well-liked vacation spot for thrill-seekers. Rolling hills, deep forests, and the River Kundalika surround the settlement, creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere. One of the best rafting locations in India is the River Kundalika, which is renowned for its difficult white-water rafting adventures.

The River Kundalika’s rapids offer an exhilarating combination of adventure and magnificent surroundings. For those who have never rafted before, there are guided tours that provide expert guides to ensure their safety. The river presents a distinct challenge for seasoned rafters because to its swiftly moving waters and various degrees of difficulty.

Rafting on the River Kundalika in Kolad is a fun and exhilarating activity that draws travellers from all over the world. The Western Ghats are the source of the swift-moving River Kundalika, which empties into the Arabian Sea. Adventure seekers looking for a blend of excitement and beautiful beauty should visit this location.

Kolad is a little village in Maharashtra, India’s Raigad district. It is noted for its white-water rafting opportunities and is located on the banks of the River Kundalika. With rapids ranging in difficulty from grade 2 to 4, the River Kundalika is regarded as one of the top rafting locations in India. This river’s spectacular and difficult rapids make it ideal for both novice and seasoned rafters.

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