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Are you planning to buy clothes?

But, which to choose – a PERSONAL STYLISTS or a PERSONAL CLOTHIER?

Generally, personal clothiers provide various style advice like personal stylists, but they also provide custom-tailored clothing made specifically for a person with fabrics that you can’t find in store. A professional clothier can design the suit or dress as you exactly want and that looks better than anything you can buy off-the-rack. It’s not about buying ready-made clothing. 

Depending on what store you visit and what part of the world you live in, a personal clothier can prepare a dress and suit according to your choices. The main focus of experienced clothiers is to design a quality garment themselves and sell them in the market for the client.  

In order to clearly understand the meaning of a personal clothier, our guide will take you through this guide and help you determine what professional clothiers are and how they’re different from a personal stylist. 

So, let’s have a look at the following

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What Can a Professional Clothier Do?

  • Types of Professional Clothier
  • Made-to-Measure or MTM
  • Bespoke Clothing
  • True Custom

How Custom Clothier is Different From a Personal Stylist?

What Can a Professional Clothier Do?

Professional stylists are much more than personal stylists. But to know the actual difference between both, you first know that there are different degrees of custom made clothing available in the market. But, not all professional clothiers can provide equal services as it depends on the types of ready-made or custom-clothing experience you’re looking for. Both professional stylists and clothiers can advise you on wardrobe basics, coordinate what you already have, and might explain to you what you need to add. But a custom clothier can create a look by tailoring a suit that fits your particular shape. 

Another difference between a professional clothier and a personal stylist is that a professional clothier only works at a specific store or brand and also specializes in a particular brand’s apparel. Whereas, a personal stylist is a freelancer that can coordinate different purchased apparel accordingly. It can be ready-made clothing or tailored clothing. But, a personal stylist can work with a professional clothier to build their own style.

Types of Professional Clothier

Made-to-Measure or MTM

Made-to-Measure (MTM) is an entry-level to custom clothing. In this, the suits are designed and cut according to the predetermined patterns on file.

Nowadays, computer systems are used to design made-to-measure suits. A professional clothier will take measurements of you and help you in the selection process to design the best made-to-measure suits. This is a good and simplest form of custom clothing but it’s also limited to customizable offerings and fit. 

The primary objectives of a professional clothier for an MTM company are to help in choosing the cloth, discovering your requirements for your chosen cloth, and taking out basic measurements, so they can tailor a suit according to your needs. They’ll insert this information into their software to make a garment.

If you require a greater degree of fit, you should seek help from a professional clothier who works at a true custom or truly bespoke custom house.

Bespoke Clothing

Finding a truly bespoke experience person in the market is quite difficult because there are very few left. The most famous true bespoke custom experiences are J H Cutler, the Huntsman, and others that offer a true custom and house-made bespoke option. J H Cutler provides the best suit alterations in Sydney and most famous for truly bespoke custom experiences. Indeed, a true bespoke suit is the most expensive and time-consuming option of the three, so be prepared for the high price tag. A professional clothier can sew and construct a suit if you want a bespoke suit. 

When your suit is about halfway, the professional clothier will contact you to come in for checking the fitting and determining all of the specifications according to your needs. If it’s required slight alterations, they’ll do it before delivering your garment. 

True Custom

Generally, a true custom tailor is highly professional and well-trained. In this, the cloth is cut by hand on paper in order to take into account many data points from the slope of your individual shoulders, your posture, and how you positioned your arms on your torso.

When you come into your appointment, a professional clothier stylist will take your body measurements to make your garments. In true custom, your custom clothier will work 1-1 with you during every step of the process. This involves choosing the fabric of your garment, detailing, measurements, designing, and fitting your garments.

How Custom Clothier is Different From a Personal Stylist?

Professional ClothierPersonal Stylist
Construct a personalized one-of-a-kind fine cloth garments for you and you alone. Advise individuals regarding fashion trends, clothing styles, colors, and more.
Professional clothiers will help you choose clothes to design a suit or garment accordingly. But, they’ll not curate an entire wardrobe for you. A stylist will only curate a wardrobe for you that consists of ready-to-wear off the rack dresses that suit your individualized lifestyle. 
Most often, custom clothier provides services on choosing fabric is free and requires to book an appointment with them ahead of timeA personal stylist will make a commission on whatever garments you decide to purchase.
A professional clothier is hard to choose, depending on your type of clothing style and design.You can hire freelance stylists as they aren’t limited to a particular store or brand.

Sum Up!

Whether you require a personal stylist or mens custom suits in Sydney, it’d be good if you keep focusing on basic detailing. Determine what you require  – an entire curated wardrobe according to the latest fashion trends or just a single piece for a particular event. It all depends on your personal preferences. So, choose a suitable one and give your body a perfect shape. 

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