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How To Print Screen On ASUS laptop In 2022

How To Print Screen On ASUS laptop In 2022

Computers have been around for a long time and their users are increasing day by day. Even to be able to make it easier, there has been a laptop that is lighter in weight and thinner that can be carried anywhere with ease. And it is undeniable that technological progress continues to grow rapidly. Many innovations have been designed so that users are easy to use.

For this discussion, we will discuss innovation in facilitating daily work. That is how to Print Screen on Asus chromebook Laptops, as we know that there are still many who don’t know how to take screenshots on a computer or on a laptop. And this is one of the default features that are important to know.

Many tasks require the Print Screen feature such as sending conversation data, sending E-banking reports and also other activities. Especially for this review we will discuss about How to Screenshot Asus Laptop. As found in videos, wallpapers, images, homescreen and others. Because many don’t know how to take screenshots, this is important info for laptop users or those who want to buy the ASUS brand.

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How to use the Print Screen Button:

  • The first step is that you can determine the area you want to screenshot on the Asus laptop screen.
  • Next, press the print screen button on the keyboard.
  • And a screenshot image will automatically be generated
  • Then open the Microsoft Paint application or Adobe Photoshop or other image processing.
  • If the application is open then you only need to paste it with a combination of Ctrl + V on the Keyboard
  • Image Results Screenshots will appear and can immediately be edited and saved in jpg, bmp, or png and other formats.

Using WIN + Print Screen Combination

You can also use a combination of the win button and print screen. The win button is a button with a window symbol located on the left below the keyboard. And this is one of the easy ways to screenshot on asus laptop. And how to print screen on this Asus laptop does not need to require other software or applications. Simply by pressing the print screen button and win. And here are the steps:

  • Make sure the area you want to screenshot is on your laptop screen.
  • Press the print screen or prt scr button on the laptop at the same time as the win button
  • Then the screenshot will be automatically saved in your folder

Print Screen and Pain button

The next way is to use the Print screen button and the paint application. This is also one of the very easy ways. You just need to press the print screen button and the default Windows application, Paint.

  • Determine the area you will screenshot
  • Simply press the print screen button on the keyboard
  • Then open the paint application on windows
  • Select the paste option on the home or press ctrl + V on the keyboard
  • And the screenshot will appear on your paint worksheet
  • You can save screenshots in jpg, bmp and png formats.

Snipping Tool

The next way is to use the default Windows software, namely the snipping tool. This is the default windows available on Asus laptops. And the choice of screenshot models on the various snipping tools. You can use the snipping tool on a specific part you want. And here are the steps to use it:

  • The first step is to open the snipping tool software
  • Next appears the snipping tool display which has 4 screenshot modes and you can choose one of them. As:
    • Free Form snip mode is a screenshot according to the shape you want. By hovering the cursor according to the shape you want and the results will be in accordance with the shape you have directed.
    • Window and full screen snip which has the same function as a full screen screenshot.
    • Rectangular Snip is a screenshot with a 4-sided shape to your liking. Can be square or rectangular with the desired size.
  • Determine the area to be screenshot
  • Set screenshot mode
  • Take a screenshot according to the available modes
  • Screenshot results appear in the snipping tool window
  • Save the screenshot on your laptop

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