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Indians like drinking tea very much. Whether it is summer or winter, people like to enjoy tea in all seasons. Not only this, after finishing office work in the evening, discussing tea with friends for some time is the most special quality of Indians. There are many tea stalls in Delhi where people are seen talking more than people who drink tea. At the same time, most people like to drink tea outside in winter, although tea lovers do not mind it and they are ready to drink it in every season.

In Delhi, you will find teas in different varieties, including Black Tea, Masala Tea, Rose Tea, etc. There are many restaurants in Delhi, where people like to drink tea, but sitting on the street, drinking tea is its own fun. On the other hand, if you are a tea lover and like to test tea in different places, then we will tell you some great places. After drinking tea from these places, you will like to come here again and again.

Sudama Tea Stall

Sudama’s tea is very famous in Delhi University North Campus. People here stand and talk for 2 hours with the help of tea and biscuits. One tea runs out, and then another tea arrives. There is a movement of students to drink Sudama’s tea. For 10 to 15 rupees, you will get a cup of tea, which after drinking, you will feel like drinking again. The Sudama Tea Stall is quite small, but people manage to sit on their own. Apart from tea, items like Maggi, omelette and namkeen are also available here. In such a situation, do not forget to drink Sudama tea whenever you go to North Campus.

I love my vihara

I love Mur Vihar are quite popular places among the youth. There is a large crowd of people here in the evening. Talk about tea, everyday tea, tandoori tea, etc. are quite popular here. Tandoori tea at I Love Moor Vihar will get you 50 rupees and for tea, you just need to spend 20 to 30 rupees. There are many such cafes here where you will also find many food items, you can order as per your choice. Being near the metro station, people often like to come and sit here in the evening.

Sabir bhai tea

There are many tea stalls in Delhi, where office-goers often come, one of them is Sabir Bhai’s tea. The spice tea here is quite popular, people like to come here in the morning or evening and drink tea. The nearest metro station is Barakhamba. Sabir Bhai’s tea is much preferred because of the test of ginger and spices. You can easily drink tea here for 20 to 40 rupees.

Triveni tea terrace

If you prefer to drink tea with your partner or alone, then Triveni in Mandi House can be the best place for you. Triveni is one of the most beautiful places and people often like to come here. Here you can sit quietly and talk for hours. Triveni offers both spice and simple teas, which you can order as per your choice. You only have to spend 50 rupees to drink tea.

Bristling wheelbarrow

If you want to take your friends to tea, then you can take Jaggram Thala. You can sit here for hours and chat with delicious tea. Apart from tea, there are many delicious dishes that you can try. Located in Champagali, this cafe remains a center of attraction among the people, the decorations here attract the people even more. It is one of the famous places in Delhi, where delicious tea can be drunk.

By Anurag Rathod

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