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Magadan, a city in the Northeast of Russia is one of the top tourist locations in the country. With wild and untouched nature and unique history to share, it creates a great attraction among tourists. If you want to book tickets to Magadan, Visit Alaska Airlines Official Site right away!

Mask of Sorrow

The mask of Sorrow is an important monument that creates sorrow for real among the tourists. It commemorates the prisoners who suffered and died in Gulag prisons during the Soviet Union. It has a large face with tears coming out from the eye. Below the statue is the name of many people who were forced into the labor camps of Kolyma as well as others who suffered. It depicts the sufferings and the sadness that the people used to hide in the city but it cannot be completely hidden away from history as people who travel, summarise about the city.

Mammoth Sculpture, Vremya

This mammoth sculpture is considered the best amongst other sculptures that are found in Siberia. This was created by Yuri Rudenko and is named “Time” and has been a depiction of an ice age mammoth. It is made of 6 tonnes of scrap metal, it is a magnificent sight and has been called contemporary art. When the wind gushes through the sculpture it is supposed to make the sound of the creature.

Nagayev Bay

Nagayev Bay is worth a sight, a peaceful and quiet view of the sea. People spend some time by the bay and stay here to witness a beautiful sunset. During the Gulag period, this bay was used as the transit point for the inmates and was directed to the camps of Magadan and Kolyma. Having so much history in every important location, makes Magadan worth visiting.

Holy Trinity Cathedral

The holy trinity Cathedral is the tallest landmark in Magadan, The church can be seen from anywhere in the city. There are many hotels near the church. The interiors are the depiction of ancient architecture and have many pictures of the saints hung on the wall. A huge chandelier is decorated with stained glass which looks stunning at night.

Market Urozhai

A market of choices, Market Urozhai is full of red caviar, tasty fish, smoked salmon, and many more. It is full of fresh and local produce of fruits, dry fruits, and seafood in the market. You will find fresh and good quality items that you will definitely not want to miss out on.

Magadan Regional Museum of Local Lore

Magadan also has a regional museum of Local lore that is within the radius of Karl Marx street and is dedicated to the memories of the Gulag prison. The museum has artifacts and remnants of the local lores and cultures. There are books and exhibits of the authors both fiction and non-fiction. Magadan is a city full of culture and it is clearly depicted in this regional museum.

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