7 Reasons You Should Visit Haiti?

The Republic of Haiti when used in a conversation makes people suspicious about where it is and how it looks. Haiti’s secret beauty is still preserved by the unaware. Found in Hispaniola island, located on the part of the Greater Antilles archipelago. To know about the tickets, visit Spirit Airlines official site !

The culture and history of Haiti

In the beginning, it was populated by inherent Taino people who had traveled from South America. Columbus, the discoverer of India were the first European tourist to travel to Haiti. And after these detours of Europe in the 1400s, they started to establish towns in Haiti, which was called La Navidad located on the northeastern coast. With so much Haiti history and culture, Haiti still is safe from being crowded and mutilated even after having its world terrorizing earthquake. Firstly, the island was alleged by Spain and then by France. Also because Haiti was colonized by the French, the main language spoken here is French and also Haitian Creole.

Safety in Haiti

After the great earthquake, people started hesitating to visit Haiti. But the answer is there is no problem regarding the safety of tourists. The locals of Haiti ensure that after the deterioration of the infrastructure during those periods are renovated and have been made sustainable. And presently, all services of tourism have recovered.

Beautiful hotels for staying

Haiti has a wonderful climate which makes it worth visiting all year round. If you want to enjoy warm sand, cool breezy days and nights, beautiful water then Haiti is the place to be. Some of the comfortable hotels to stay in Haiti:

  • El Rancho,
  • Habitation Hatt,
  • Cap Lavandou
  • Royal Oasis,
  • La Maison,

Haiti’s Cuisine is worth trying

If you want to try a distinct combination of food because your taste buds are tired of having the same old cuisines. Try Haitian cuisine, which is a perfect blend of French, Spanish, African and Arab even American in some of the dishes. On the Island, they have a different way of cooking which enriches and adds a traditional flavor to the meals. The tastiest food items that you should try and are recommended by locals are Macaronis au gratin, Poulet Aux Noix, and Lambi that will make you drool.

Beaches are mesmerizing

The north and south coasts of Haiti are beautiful beaches that will mesmerize you. The blues and the greens of the water will make you feel that they have never been visited. There are activities like jet-skiing, snorkeling, kayaking also that are offered by the beach. With good food, good company, and perfectly white and brown beaches to lie on to relax, no one could ever ask for more. There are sometimes live music performances also by the beaches to keep the people entertained.


If you visit Haiti and don’t try Seafood without taking away the deliciousness of the other items served in Haiti, they serve the best and the fresh seafood which they catch and cook in front of you. Your taste buds will live to enjoy the delicious and amazing experience whether it’s lobster, fish, or queen conch, you name it and they will cook it fresh.

Tourist spots

Haiti is one of the most preserved tourist spots in the world. There are numerous sites in the north as well as the south of this country. Important landmarks like Citadelle La Ferriere, which was built since the war of independence fought against the French colonists.IT was harmed a little during the earthquake but it has been recovered and open to tourists. Other attractions like Bassin Bleu, Saut-Mathurine, Touyac waterfall, Marie-Jeanne cave are the best places in Haiti.

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