189 visa category

It would help if you remembered that the Australian visa process depends on the point system. Individuals must mention the skills and professionalism of their partners to have extra 10 points, which can undoubtedly make a big difference and improve their chances of migrating to Australia. However, knowing about the profession and qualifications with enough skills assessment is necessary. We are going to mention the right way to check such skills and qualifications show the proper manner. However, if you are not comfortable with the process, you must also seek professional help in this context. You can also find professional migration services online.

Skills and qualification

You must remember that under the partner skill qualification 189 visa, there are some particular requirements that you should fulfill to claim your reward points. This will be applicable when your partner meets the long-term strategic skills mentioned in the list. Apart from that, if you are applying for 189 visa medium and long-term strategies, you should check the factors considered under this category.

Get extra points

 You must remember that your partner will be adding 10 points when you add your partner’s skills with its qualifications under the 189-visa category. The immigration department has already mentioned a separate list under which you should note the necessary skills, and the profession must be listed according to the migration department. You can also check it on the MLTSSL. It would help if you also remembered that your partner should fill the application for the skill assessment with the concerned authority to get the relevancy in this segment and get the assessment score under the right profession and category.

Check on the occupation list

You must also check your occupation list when you feel the application under this particular category to not be any confusion. The government should give preference and educate points to your visa application file. It would help if you mentioned the occupation so that you can be rewarded 10 points for your partner’s skills.

Check categories

You will find that hundreds of categories are listed under the 189-list category of professions, and every class has been given a different code. You must mention the heading and the cord, which are provided in the Australian skilled occupation list. Individuals with the listed code and category will be rewarded and extra points for the partner skills.


Under this category, you will find that many factors are considered, for example, the age of your partner. The next thing that can make a big difference is English language skills. Apart from that, professional employment experience is also practical, which can get you some extra points. The educational qualification is the next important factor, which can give you more points.

Get assessment

Assessment of practical skills under the profession, which is listed in the migration list, is necessary. You must also make a positive approach to assessing authority to get the assessment for the present level of the skills and the listed profession. In this way, you can present your eligibility to get extra points decently.

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