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In this age and the times we are living in, people are more self conscious than before. Moreover, orthodontic dentistry has evolved a lot in the recent years. As a result, an increasing number of adults are anxiously signing up for various orthodontic treatments. This was not the case before and this trend is prominent all over the world with the United Kingdom as no exception.

But the question is why do adults need orthodontic treatments?

Adults may suffer from crooked teeth or a misaligned bite. There are a number of reasons for which an adult may want to undergo orthodontic treatment. Bite problems like overbite and under bite are common in orthodontics and these problems usually have a strong link with genetics. Certain habits from the childhood days – like sucking the thumb or biting the lips – may make the teeth in the front of the mouth misaligned. As people age, there is also the chance of the teeth to shift their position. This may result in wearing down of the teeth. The teeth may also lose out easily leaving empty spaces on the gum line. Gum problems or periodontal disease may show up with advancing age. An adult may sign up for orthodontic treatment for all these factors and more. There are also people who underwent orthodontic treatment as a child but did not wear their retainers according to the instructions of their treatment providers. As a result of that ignorance they may need to undergo further orthodontic treatments in their adulthood, explains a dentist who handles cases of adult orthodontics in London over the years.

Orthodontic treatments and suitable patients

Orthodontic treatments are equally suitable for children, teens and adults who have crooked teeth or uneven bites. When adults are concerned, these treatments become relevant in the following circumstances –

  • Crooked, crowded or misplaced teeth
  • Overbite or protruding teeth
  • Under bite
  • Deep bite
  • Asymmetry in the face or the jaw
  • Existence of spaces between the teeth

In addition to the conditions mentioned above, realignment of the teeth becomes necessary before placing crowns, veneers, implants and dentures.

Orthodontic treatments suitable for adults

Many adults repel the idea of traditional braces. They find it aesthetically unappealing. Traditional braces have shiny metallic brackets and wires prominently stick out from the mouth. This also makes people overly self conscious both at workplace and their social lives. A large number of people prefer avoiding those braces to skip these unwanted impacts.  

Modern orthodontics has evolved significantly to provide reliable and feasible solutions for almost every adult. These solutions are also much discreet and inconspicuous. The discreet solutions comfortably fit with typical adult lifestyles too. Thus, there is a steady increase in number of adult patients signing up for orthodontic treatments.

Few popular modern orthodontic treatments that large number of adults readily prefers include the following –

Clear aligners –This is certainly one of the most popular options preferred by adults who look forward to undergo orthodontic treatments. Typical examples of clear aligners systems include Invisalign, 3M Clarity and Spark. Custom moulded aligners made from high grade plastic are fitted to the teeth. These aligners are clear transparent in appearance and remain virtually invisible inside the mouth. This is why these are also referred to as invisible braces. The range of appliances is removable. You can take the aligners off your teeth any time and wear those back again on your own. So, there is no dietary restriction with these treatments, points out an adult orthodontics expert in London. However it is crucial to keep wearing the aligners at least 20 to 22 hours a day to achieve your desired results from the treatment.

Clear aligners are simpler, more effective and comfortable form of treatment compared to their conventional orthodontic counterparts. But you must be committed and disciplined patient and thoroughly follow the instructions of your dentist or orthodontist to secured desired treatment results.

BracesOrthodontic braces have undergone vast transformations over the years. In other words those chunky metal braces are not your only option any more. Adult braces are now subtler, significantly tinier and much more comfortable compared to their earlier versions. The range of appliances is also available in two varieties – clear ceramic ones and those in the colour of the tooth. These options keep your treatment inconspicuous. Clear aligners are exclusively popular but braces are still one of the most reliable ranges of appliances for dentists to correct complex cases of misalignment of the teeth and the jaws.

Lingual braces – Lingual braces work in the same manner as conventional braces. But unlike conventional braces these are fitted to the back of your teeth. This range of appliances is literally the only invisible option in orthodontic dentistry. On the flip side lingual braces are costlier than other treatments. These braces also take longer time to get adjusted with compared to conventional braces and clear aligners. But it is one of the most effective orthodontic treatment options for adults. So, if you are looking for a reliable and discreet treatment option to achieve a perfect smile, then you must consider this option.

Teeth that are straight are healthy too

Orthodontic treatments are not only meant to improve your smile enhance your aesthetics. There are many other reasons for which people undergo these treatments. These treatments are known to boost the “feel good” factor and provide psychological benefits. Patients report a boost in their level of self reliance after undergoing the treatments.    

Straighter teeth function better compared to misaligned or crooked ones. It is also easier to properly clean straighter teeth. In other words when you have straighter teeth you are at lesser risk to develop tooth decay, gum disease and many other dental issues. Orthodontic treatments in combination with other medical specialities can diagnose and address jaw joint problems, obstructive sleep apnoea and others.

Possible negative side effects to adult braces

The latest range of appliances used in adult orthodontics proves to be safer and more comfortable for patients. However, there is always some amount of risk involved with these appliances. In fact, this risk factor also exists in any other medical procedure which involves physical intervention with any part of the patient’s body.

Potential risks involved in orthodontic work for adults include toothache, mild discomfort, scratches and ulcers on the tongue and the cheek. In addition to that there are also chances of demineralisation of enamel, discomfort in the jaw joint, damage of the dental nerves, shortening of dental roots, gum recession, gum infection and others. When your treatment is carried out under the intervention and supervision of a trained and skilled dentist (or orthodontist) at 1A Orthodontics, London the risk becomes much lesser.

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