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Dentures are a vital dental fixture in the everyday life of older adults. It enables them to chew and eat foods properly and also speaking and living confidently. Broken Dentures are prone to breakage and such accidents make a negative impact in the day to day lives of those people. Fixing the issue of a lost or broken denture requires prompt attention and action and this is why this type of cases is considered as dental emergency. In the following sections of this post let us explore what necessary steps you should take in these circumstances. But first let us understand why dentures are significant in the daily lives of older adults.

Importance of dentures and older adults

Dentures are designed to replace lost or missing teeth as well as the surrounding and supporting tissues. Dentures are basically of two types – full and partial; both the varieties are easily removable. As far as older adults are concerned the range of dental appliances is more of a lifeline. It resolves challenges related to tooth loss and helps an individual maintain a range of essential functions in daily life including the following –

  • Proper chewing – Dentures are helpful restoring a person’s ability to chew food properly. Proper and effective chewing of food supports proper digestion and nutrition.
  • Clearer speech – Lost or missing teeth are likely to affect one’s normal speech. Dentures allow people to articulate words clearly. 
  • Better aesthetics – Dentures make an individual’s smile aesthetically more appealing boosting self reliance and self confidence.
  • Support to the facial structure – Tooth loss often leads to drastic changes in the facial structure of a person. Dentures prevent sagging, provide the necessary support and help maintaining facial contours.

Trained denture technicians who provide same day dentures in London opine considering the essential functions that dentures provide, any kind of damage, breakage or misplacing of these dental appliances can pose a massive challenge in everyday life of older adults. It can affect both their physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Urgency of replacing lost or broken dentures

When you assess the urgency of replacing broken or lost dentures you have to take a few factors into consideration. Factors that you should consider include the following –

  • Impact on the functions of everyday life – You should assess how the breakage or misplacement affects essential functions of an individual’s everyday life like eating, speaking and general comfort.
  • The level of damage an appliance sustained – It is also important to assess the extent of the damage an appliance suffers. For example a negligible crack does not require as urgent repairing as completely broken denture or a missing tooth.
  • Pain and overall discomfort – You should also assess whether your denture issue is causing pain or only discomfort. However if the damage results in any sharp edge or misalignment then those issues must be promptly addressed. Such issues often lead to other complications related to the individual’s oral health.
  • Emotional impact – A denture issue can cause a deep emotional impact in the mind of an individual and it is important to gauge that too. A large number of older adults consider the way their smile looks reveal their social confidence as well as self reliance.

Is a lost or broken denture a dental emergency?

Depending on individual situations resolving the problem of a misplaced or broken denture could be urgent. In other words the following circumstances can be identified as dental emergencies when older adults are concerned –

  • When a person completely loses his or her denture and particularly if the appliance plays a vital role in everyday life of the individual like eating properly or speaking clearly then the situation is a dental emergency explain dental technicians who provide the service of walk in denture repair near me over the years.
  • If a denture suffers substantial damage that practically makes the appliance unusable then that also requires immediate attention.
  • An ill fitting or broken denture may cause pain, irritation or discomfort. Such cases must be treated promptly t avoid any further complication.

What immediate action you should take in case of a lost or broken denture

Here are few tried and tested tips that help you deal with the unexpected situation of a lost or broken denture easily.

  • Maintain your calm – When your denture gets lost or broken it is important to maintain your calm. If you press on the panic button then that is likely to complicate things and also make it difficult for you to assess the overall situation clearly to take necessary actions.
  • Make a correct assessment of the damage – Examine the appliance and assess the level of its damage is important. You should be able to determine whether the appliance suffers a partial breakage, a complete fracture or you have to dispose it.
  • Collect all the fragments – Dental technicians who provide same day denture repair service suggest in case of a broken denture you should collect all the pieces. This proves helpful in determining the best way out from the problem they say.
  • No DIY repair – Though it is tempting but DIY repair of dentures using household adhesives or trying to fix the appliance at home is always better to be avoided. If the truth is to be spoken these makeshift repairs actually cause more damage both to the dental health and the appliance of an individual.
  • Rinse the appliance clean – If the appliance gets dirty you should gently rinse it with normal water. Hot water may warp the appliance. The best way to store dentures is placing it in either plain water or denture soaking solution.
  • Report the matter to your dentist as quickly as possible – Let you dentist know about the unfortunate development and schedule an appointment to professionally evaluate the overall problem.    
  • Your dentist may suggest stopgap solutions like a denture repair kit to provide temporary solution to the core issue related to your damaged, broken or lost denture.

Is it alright to use dental adhesives available over the counter to provide a temporary fix?

Over the counter adhesives are effective providing a temporary fix to the problem of broken or lost dentures but you should always consult the matter with your dentist first suggest experts at Emergency Dentist London Pro who provide the service of emergency denture repair near me. In many cases it is seen that these adhesives when applied with unskilled and untrained hands ruin the longevity of dentures.

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