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Feeling hungry?Have no food at the home? No problem. Few taps on the smartphone and OrderEats clone delivers your food from your favorite restaurant. We all love this kind of convenience, where we can satisfy our food cravings sitting in Pajamas.

People nowadays prefer ordering their food than choosing dine-in preferences. It is easy, quick, cheap and the best part it allows them to enjoy their meal in comfort taking as much time as they want. These USPs are the primary reasons why mobile ordering platforms to find local restaurants are becoming popular.

Read on the facts that will gain you better clarity of this booming Food Ordering App demand:

  • Mobile food ordering and delivering is at the highest pace and predicted to reach 30% of the total sales for only US restaurants in the next two years.
  • The Food Delivery sales are expected to rise 20%, reaching $35 billion by 2030.
  • 63% of the people agreed that they prefer app ordering over dine-in because of the comfort and convenience.

OrdeEats app does not eat any introduction. It is a leading mobile ordering platform to find a local restaurant for ordering food. Wish to rule on-demand Food Ordering and Delivery industry with OrderEats Clone App?

Before, you go ahead with the OrderEats Clone App development process there are few things to know.

Why Food Ordering App Has Become A Necessity?

Online food ordering is one of those sectors that is expanding day by day amidst COVID19. As a matter of fact, On-demand Food Ordering and Delivery App model has attracted every entrepreneur across the globe.

Tech-savvy millennials will any day choose comfort and convenience. Today, the necessities of life can be easily accessed through smartphones. All thanks to the on-demand apps that have made our lives easy. As a matter of fact, offering 24/7 availability, seamless operations, secured transactions are the primary reasons the on-demand industry is growing in leaps and bound.

Apart from these:

  • It is simple and convenient to maintain
  • No additional cost involved
  • Low operating costs
  • Boosts in profits
  • Can operate 24/7/365 days are the primary reason to develop OrderEats Clone App.

Why Launch Mobile Ordering Food Delivery Application For Your Business?

Deliver seamless food ordering and delivering an experience to your customers. Here are the core reasons why you should invest in OrderEats Clone App:

1. Increasing demand for food ordering from the restaurants

During COVID19, everything was under lock down except essential services. Furthermore. the food delivery services were categorized under essential business thus people who worked from home with no time to cooked can use OrderEats Clone App for mobile ordering their food.

If you are already running a restaurant or food delivery business, the time is ripe to launch an app like OrderEats. Hence, you don’t have to spend huge if you outsource it to an Indian App Development Company.

2. The On-demand Food Delivery Is Here To Stay

Until now, the food was ordered through the most conventional method – you call up the restaurant, place an order and get it delivered, or have self-pickup.

However, on-demand Food Delivery App like OrderEats changed the scenario. Only a few taps on the smartphone and the app delivered the food right at the doorsteps in minutes. This is an exponential growth that we have witnessed thus can say that the trend is here to stay and grow in the future.

3. Transparency and convenience for users and food service providers

The orders Clone App offers complete transparency in terms of payment as well as live tracking. It builds trust in your customers. Hence, the use of mobile ordering to find local restaurants is going to increase. The more convenient your customers find your app the better business they provide.

 4. Returning users

It is vital to create a user-centric clone app. Being the owner of the app, you will wish to retain your users and keep coming back. Thus, you must build OrderEats Clone App that is aligned with your customer’s expectations.

5. Easy to target the right audience

There is no specific target audience. They can be everyone – with people working from home, self-quarantined, people practicing social distancing, busy moms juggling work, family life, and so on. Thus, the Food Ordering and Delivery app like OrderEats will remain in demand. Thus, your OrderEats Clone App can help people reducing virus transmission by staying indoors.

How To Manage Your Food Delivery Orders Amidst COVID19?

Offer healthy food options

The best way to reduce virus transmission is to stay indoors and increase immunity. Eating healthy is necessary. Let your OrderEats Clone App highlight healthy eating habits. Therefore, showcasing them cuisines like salad, vegan diets, plant-based diets, etc. that are promoting immunity and healthy eating habits. Additionally, you can add a “recipes” feature that helps them prepare healthy food.

Offer digital payments

This is a must thing that will keep your bank account brimming.

Integrate OrderEats Clone App with secured multiple payment gateways like an e-wallet or credit card.  Thus, it enables your customers to pay for their orders with ease without worrying about having any contact with the delivery driver. Furthermore, it resolves any issues regarding any cancellation or refund.

Promoting contactless deliveries and takeaways

Contactless deliveries are the ones with zero contacts. This means the delivery driver will leave the food package at the doorstep.

Thus, it eliminates the risk of catching the virus. Also, your customer can self-pickup the food packages. Hence, it reduces the risk of contracting the disease from each other.


Implementing COVID19 safety measures while delivering food can promote your app hugely. Your foodservice providers and delivery drives wearing masks and hand gloves, frequently sanitizing the surroundings, safety badge feature puts a good impression in front of your customers.

Things To Keep In Mind When Developing OrderEats Clone App

For the success of any business, it is important to have a business plan ready. Thus, a well-researched market analysis, studying demographics and which type of revenue model to build can help in building a successful OrderEats Clone App.

Ask the right question to get your app right in the first go. The questions can be:

  • Which kind of cuisine do your customers prefer?
  • What kind of mobile ordering food delivery features do they like to use?
  • What are their pricing expectations?
  • Are they willing to pay extra for delivery charges, cancellation charges, etc?
  • Which OS platform is widely used for food ordering and delivery?
  • What kind of promo deals do they love the most?
  • What time/days the food orders are placed more?

How Do Food Delivery App Like OrderEats Make Money?

OrderEats Clone App can be monetized by implementing Commission on every order, leveraging Delivery Charges, Cancellation Charges, Paid listing (other service provider promoting their services/products on the app), Charges on featured restaurant listings, Sponsored ads, and Subscription Fees.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Food Ordering Delivery App?

Building an app like OrderEats will depend on the features and functionalities that you wish to integrate.

However, Building an MVP app product can be the best way to start with. The MVP (Minimum Viable Product) app will allow you to give better clarity of your customer’s reaction towards it. Therefore, based on the above-mentioned factors the cost will vary.

The cost of the Food ordering and delivery app is based on the following

  • OS App platform
  • Technology stack
  • Customized features
  • Geographical location
  • A mobile app development company that you choose to work

Some app development company calculates the hourly rate and quote whereas some charges a lumpsum amount. Thus, all these factors are responsible decide the cost of your OrderEats Clone App.

Finding the Right Partner for Your Restaurant Mobile Apps

To have a mobile app for your food ordering and delivery business is a must. Offering innumerable benefits, it gives a competitive advantage by increasing customer base, more profits, boosting brand value.

Building an intuitive OrderEats Clone App will provide a seamless, pleasant food ordering and delivering an experience.

So, let’s get started, as the timing is just right. Finding an app development partner can make your OrderEats Clone App successful in no time.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.