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A shopping cart is a service that allows you to build an online shopping site at a very low cost and in a short period of time when you start online shopping.

It is also characterized by the fact that the initial cost and monthly cost are very low, so it can be said that it is a very optimal service when building a shopping site easily.

However, there are so many companies and services that offer shopping carts, and many people are wondering which shopping cart to choose to build their own online shopping site.

What is a shopping cart to compare the latest online shopping sites in 2020 and build a shopping site that suits you?

This time, we will tell you the latest comparison and selection of shopping carts.

What kind of service is a shopping cart in the first place?

A shopping cart is one of the means to build an EC site.

As a means of building an EC site

  • EC site construction package
  • Cloud type system
  • Shopping cart (ASP cart)
  • Opening a store in a mall

There are various construction methods, but the feature of the shopping cart is that it is the best service  when launching an online shopping site for the first time.

What are the characteristics?

I would like to look at the specific features (merits) of shopping carts.

Features (merits) of shopping carts

  •  The initial monthly cost is very low.
  •  If the functions required for the shopping site are provided as basic functions, there are

shopping carts with no initial cost or monthly cost, so try it anyway and keep the cost down. I want to start.

It is just perfect for such needs.

On the other hand, of course, there are not only advantages but also disadvantages in shopping carts. Next, let’s look at the disadvantages of such a shopping cart.

Features of shopping cart (disadvantages)

  •  Low degree of freedom of EC site, cannot be customized
  •  Fees will be charged as sales increase.

Additional cost if support is weak or support is generous

Additional cost depending on the number of services, members and items used It is

also true that there are such disadvantages that may take place.

Of course, blood pressure monitor depending on the shopping cart, some of the above disadvantages may not apply, but it is important to take the first step in selection after fully understanding the advantages and disadvantages of a general shopping cart.

Shopping cart comparison

Here, I would like to compare seven representative shopping cart companies in 2020.

Not only the initial cost and monthly cost, which are important selection criteria, but also the commission, and how much service is actually introduced. I tried to summarize the achievements and the characteristics of each shopping cart in one word.

So why are there so many shopping carts that are initially free of charge and that can be used from a few hundred yen?

These fees are often part of the shopping cart’s revenue structure.

For cart services with fixed card payment rates and commissions, the higher the sales, the higher the costs, so the monthly payment costs are effectively proportional to the sales.

Unexpected pitfalls! Cancellation risk / withdrawal risk

Shopping carts are offered by many companies, but the unexpected pitfall is when the service provider withdraws from the service itself.

Since the cost per shopping cart is low, it is necessary to increase the number of companies that have introduced it.

However, as there are already many competitors, it is becoming difficult to differentiate.

In such a case, in fact, in 2019, there are cases where merge multiple outlook pst files services are terminated or withdrawn.

In such a case, the service will be forcibly canceled, and in order to keep the EC site alive, you will have to launch a new site with another shopping cart, so selecting a shopping cart is not only costly but also reliable. It is better to judge the sex, achievements, reliability of the company, years, etc. in total.

Selection by products to sell

If the product to be sold is a product that is mainly for regular purchase, a shopping cart with strong such regular purchase.

In the case of a shopping cart intended for sale to corporations, it is a shopping cart for corporate transactions.

There are many service-specific shopping carts in the shopping cart.

As an example of a shopping cart that is strong against regular purchases.

  •  Samurai cart
  •  Lipist If

the products and services you sell are characteristic, it is a good idea to select a shopping cart that is strong against it.

Summary of free and paid carts

So, this is a brief summary so far, but when should you use a free shopping cart and a paid shopping cart?

I have summarized the story so far.

Basic functions of the shopping cart. Convenient to have! Such a cart function!

I would like to provide information in the form of a convenient function as a shopping cart.

Before the useful functions, I will introduce the functions that are absolutely necessary as a shopping cart in the first place.

As a big necessary classification as a shopping cart

  •  Product function to show the product
  • Purchasing function to make a purchase
  •  Measures to increase repeaters Membership function

It can be roughly classified into three elements.

I will explain each of them.

EFO function

EFO is an abbreviation for Entry From Optimization. In other words, it is a function called input form optimization.

What does it mean to optimize the input form?

Specifically, it is a measure to support the behavior of the user in the input form and prevent.

For shopping sites, the input form is the point where withdrawal occurs most.

Secret sale

As the name implies, a secret sale is a sale that is not open to the public.

By conducting a secret sale limited to specific members, it is possible to differentiate members.

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