Instacart Clone App

This COVID 19 pandemic has set the stage right for floating a grocery delivery app as the trend of grocery delivery at the doorstep which was on the rise, has now become a necessity.

Have a look at the below pointers that have attracted several entrepreneurs to develop an On-Demand Grocery Delivery App:

  • Instacart App is planning to hire 3,00,000 additional delivery drivers to meet the growing demands.
  • The On-Demand Grocery Delivery App has recorded the highest sale during the pandemic which reach $700 million.
  • The global on-demand grocery delivery app download has increased to 106 Million.
  • The grocery delivery app download has witnessed an increase of 20%.
  • Daily download rates of the apps like Instacart t by 218%.
  • The On-Demand Grocery Delivery App saw 38,500 downloads.

Why Build On-Demand Grocery Delivery App?

The present day’s business is different from what it used to be a few years ago. The introduction of readily available on-demand apps has changed consumer’s shopping habits.

On-Demand Apps offer an innovative approach to the customers to avail the services in few swaps from their smartphones. From taxi booking to food order to getting an on-demand beautician, people are getting accustomed to the quick accessibility to the wide range of services as well as convenience. Offerings like Instacart Clone App are becoming popular as entrepreneurs are in full swing generating revenue in this Pandemic.

It is not the best time to scale up your grocery delivery business by developing Instacart Clone. 

Buy White-label On-Demand Grocery Delivery App For Different Business Model

Single store

If you are a single store owner, buying a white-labeled grocery delivery app like Instacart is the perfect solution to grow your business. The stellar features automate your entire grocery delivery operations ensuring no glitch is experienced. Eliminate the need for extra resources, rule the On-Demand Grocery Delivery market.


This is one of the most preferred choices of the startups to build Instacart Clone. The app acts as a bridge, connecting the grocers to the customers on a single platform. The app owner will earn through the commission from the order placed using the app.

It is a win-win situation for all, where grocers and the delivery drive earn a decent income without investing much.

Grocery Chain

The primary issue faced by grocery chain supermarkets is to streamline their services. This white-label grocery delivery app automates grocery delivery, reducing errors permanently. The customer will place the grocery order from the app, and the nearest grocery chain store will deliver it.

The entrepreneurs who have already bought the Instacart Clone App have seen a boost in their profit margins.

Facilitate Your Customers Offering Multiple Ways To Place Orders

Having an app is not enough. Some individuals aren’t comfortable using an app or do not have smartphones to place their grocery orders using the app. For such complexities, a reputed app development company will be offering other ways to place the orders.

Order requesting through website

The customers can place their grocery orders using the website. The website exactly looks like the Instacart clone app offering the same to same navigation, features, services, prices, etc. The look and the operational functionality remain the same, it’s just the order is placed through a website.

Placing orders through phone calls to the stores

The customer can place a phone call to the grocery stores and get them delivered to the doorstep. The store manager will take the order and process it, feeding the same through the website/app.

Placing an order to an Admin through a phone call

The customers will directly call the Admin and place the grocery delivery orders. The admin then processes the order request from the app and that’s how it further progresses by getting it delivered at the doorstep.

Deciding The Revenue Model Of Instacart Clone App


The most straightforward way to earn revenue is from Instacart Clone App. You can charge on every order that is processed using your app. The new feature “Set Store-based Commission” allows the Admin to set different commission percentages depending on the location as well as the influx of the orders.


Another lucrative revenue model that is popular, allowing the app owner to generate greater profits. It is when the customers subscribe with the app at a basic fee to avail premium services from the app. The fees can be monthly, quarterly, or annually.

You can use this along with the commission-based model.

Delivery service charges

Earn from delivery service charges with each delivery that is been processed using your app.

The delivery charges can differ based on time, distance, store brand, and more.

You can integrate this revenue model with the above two and earn greater profits.

In Conclusion

The demand for groceries is growing. Ordering groceries using the Instacart Clone App trend is here to stay. It is the perfect timing to take the plunge by developing an On-Demand Grocery Delivery App.

The app should be built on the latest technologies and scalable. Take a look at their client testimonials and demo trail. Customize the features and services to develop a user-centric app for your customers. Once you have tapped their grocery needs, they are going to stick with your app.

So, what’s the wait for? Discuss your online grocery delivery app requirement and get started.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.