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Choosing the right Gojek Clone app with the perfect Flow

Choosing the right Gojek Clone app with the perfect Flow

When it comes to on demand multi services, the Gojek Clone app has taken its place at the centre stage. Today, at a global level, the Gojek Clone app has become the first preference for entrepreneurs as it has proven to be one of the most profitable entrepreneurial solution of the present times.

The app itself has become the perfect platform for service providers to sell their services at a price point of their choice and share their expertise, knowledge, experience and ratings and reviews on the app itself so that users can make an informed decision about who they wish to hire.

This app has revolutionised if not disrupted the way people looked at hiring service providers. This multi-services app, while being most useful for service providers as well as users, has also proved to be one of the most profitable solutions for entrepreneurs as it allows them to make a handsome commission each time someone hires anyone using the application.

What is the scope of the Gojek Clone app KingX?

The Gojek Clone app consists of 4 primary categories of services:

Transportation service

This is in the form of an on demand taxi booking solution. Think of it as a taxi booking app like Uber inside of another giant app that has provisions for other services. Using this section of the app, the user can book a taxi of any kind, such as bike taxi, hatchback, sedan or luxury car based on their requirements.

Parcel Delivery

This section of the application allows users to send across parcels of different sizes and shapes to anywhere. This means that you can send an envelope or a hundred bags of cement based on your needs. The beauty of the Gojek Clone app’s parcel delivery section is that it can allow the users to either send across a parcel to one location or multiple locations as per their requirements.

Store based Delivery

This section deals with direct buy and deliver features from the app. This section has multiple stores within it so that the user can shop for whatever they need and then get it delivered to their doorstep. The various sections within this section are:

                                                >> On demand food delivery

                                                >> Grocery Delivery

                                                >> On Demand Medicine Delivery

                                                >> Flower Delivery

                                                >> On Demand Bakery Goods Delivery

                                                >> Home Cooked Meals Delivery

                                                >> On Demand Bottled Water Delivery

                                                >> and so on and so forth

  • On Demand Service Provider for hire

This is the section allows the users to hire service providers quickly and easily using the app directly. The app allows over 70 different kinds of services such as:

                                                >> On Demand Doctor

                                                >> Beautician

                                                >> On Demand Plumber

                                                >> Electrician

                                                >> On Demand Nurse

                                                >> Maid

                                                >> On Demand House Keeping

                                                >> On Demand Window Washer

                                                >> Baby sitter

                                                >> On Demand Dog Walker

                                                >> and so on and so forth

Why is the Gojek Clone app better than building a new app?

The most important thing that app owners are faced with today is to be able to create an application that has a flow which their users are comfortable with. When you create a new app, it is often very challenging for users to completely unlearn something that they are used to in order to learn how to use your app.

This is why; it is always helpful to create an app like the Gojek Clone which has a flow that people are used to rather than something that is so new that it takes an entire learning graph for them to reach the curve.

What is the perfect flow of the Gojek Clone app?

The Gojek Clone app is an easy to use application with a clear flow so that users can find it easy to hire the service providers that they need when they need it. Let us take a look at the perfect flow of the Gojek Clone app.

User’s flow

  1. The user downloads the app on their device and logs in to it. The user can download the app from the Google play store or the iOS app store based on which operating system their phone is.
  2. User can log in using their social media handles, their Gmail ID or even by filling out a short form to register into the app.
  3. Then when the user opens the app, they will reach the landing page of the application that showcases all the different services within the app.
  4. The user can click on the desired service and find the various categories within it.
  5. They will be able to select the exact type of service needed and see a list of all the service providers that are willing to offer the said service in the radius of region that the service has been requested. They will also be able to see the experience of the service provider, their expertise, their specialty, their charges and the ratings and reviews that they have been given by their previous customers.
  6. Based on all of this information, the users can make their selection of who they wish to hire.
  7. When they select the service provider, the app automatically sends over a notification to the service provider who can accept or reject it.
  8. Once the service provide accepts the job, they can come to the location to deliver it after which the app automatically generate an invoice.
  9. The user can choose to pay using the in app wallet or cash. They can also choose to provide rating and reviews to the service providers based on their experience with him or her.

Service Provide

  1. Service provider downloads the service provider app from the Google Play Store and the iOS app store based on what is their device’s software.
  2. The service provider will then have to log in to the app either using their social media handles or their Gmail. They can also fill in a short form to register themselves in the app.
  3. They can then create their profiles by putting in all the services they are prepared to offer, their expertise. Their experience in each field and the kind of charges that they would like the levy for their services.
  4. Then, whenever a user within their radius of operation generates a request pertaining to the service that they have mentioned. They will be able to get a notification of the job request.
  5. The service provider can choose to accept or reject the request based on their availability.
  6. Once accepted, they will be given all the details of the service required and the address where it needs to be delivered so that they can go to deliver these services right at the doorstep of their customer.
  7. After the service is delivered, they will be able to get automated payment through the in app wallet or through cash as per the customer’s choice.
  8. The service provider can now rate the user based on his or her experience.


The Gojek Clone App is one of the world’s largest and most successful on demand mobile app based multi service solution. Many entrepreneurs have chosen to purchase the Gojek Clone app in order to find success in this industry.

If you too have been wondering how to identify the best Gojek Clone app from the ones available in the market, you must take a look at the flow of the app. Understanding that there are 2 sides to this application is very important. It is not just the user’s app that has to have the right flow but also the service provider app that needs to have the correct flow so that more number of service providers who register with the app. The more the service providers, the more the users.

Make sure that you only purchase your Gojek clone app after careful testing and from a reliable white label on demand mobile app development who have at least 8 to 10 years of experience in order truly be able to get the nerve of the market and produce an app so fine that it makes you an instant success!

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