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Since time immemorial, gifts have been considered a universal expression of emotions, on a whole. Some of the emotions include affection, love, joy, etc.

Each gift have message to convey to those gifted. Its human emotions come to surface when you gift someone something.

Occasions When You Gift Gifts

You find gifts usually offered on occasions. The occasions are weddings, receptions, birth of a child, a house-warming party, birthdays, and so on and so forth.

Today since every major industry has gone on to digitize and appify the way it operates, it comes as no surprise thus that even the gifting service industry has gone on to digitize its services.

Doing the same has led to the gifting process becoming interactive for customers altogether has helped make industry flourishing and profitable both.

Statistical Figures to Suggest the Profits Made by Online Gifting Industry

According to recent reports, the digitization of the gifts market with the online gifts delivery app is estimated to generate revenue close to thirty billion dollars on a whole approximately.

This will happen in a period of four to five dollars out of which around four hundred dollars might get accumulated to digital space at large.

These figures go into making it apparently clear the online gifts delivery app is a blessing in disguise for the gifting industry and the customers.

Let us now understand the three different gifting types.

Types of Gifting

  • Festival Gifting
  • Personal Gifting
  • Corporate Gifting
  • Festival Gifting – This type of gifting is usually for occasions like Christmas, Easter, etc.
  • Personal Gifting – This type of gifting is mostly for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc.
  • Corporate Gifting – Done by organizations. You will notice them mostly on special occasions, or if employee performs well, etc.

These, in totality, are different types of gifting popular today. Now take a look at the contribution made by all the gifting types on a whole.

Contribution of Gift Types to Gifting Industry

The first kind (festival) sees itself contributing around 7.5 billion dollars on a whole. The second kind (personal) contributes around 20 billion dollars and the third (corporate) contributes around 25 billion dollars, approximately.

All these figures are enough to state gifts market witnessing a phenomenal growth courtesy the presence of the online gifts delivery app.

Let us now understand the reasons for popularity of the online gifts delivery app.

Reasons for the Popularity of Online Gifts Delivery App

  • Rapid rise of new-age consumers who function through the medium of a mobile application
  • Intuitive in nature providing a personalized gifting experience to the gift-givers by allowing them provide a personalized note with gift sent
  • Smooth customer experience by providing transparency to customers in terms of arrival of gifts.
  • Ensures a 24*7 delivery of the gift no matter whatever time or season

Concluding, adopt the online gifts delivery app for your gifting industry. It assures unique gifting experience to the customers and enormous profits for you.

Also, it will assure you one important thing. This thing is the customer outreach becoming considerably high for you which obviously signals huge profits for your new gifting service industry in the long run to say the least.

By Anurag Rathod

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