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Do you frequently have long lines of patients in your virtual waiting room? This is a sure sign that you haven’t properly managed your appointment scheduling process.

Implementing Doctor Appointment Booking App is a certain approach to improve this scenario. It can be a godsend for your staff and patients, whether you use an app or a web-based platform. They undoubtedly despise the prospect of being crammed into a cramped space while the COVID-19 outbreak rages.

Let’s begin by discussing the design and implementation of Doctor Appointment Booking App and we’ll show you how to meet their expectations in this article.

On-Demand Doctor’s Appointment like Go Med Keeps No Show At Bay

There are two advantages to using apps to book doctor visits. 

For starters, they make it straightforward for patients to schedule appointments with their preferred healthcare professionals. Second, these systems keep track of all appointments and data entries in one place. Your hospital personnel will appreciate it.

From users/patients perspective, they will no longer need to call your office to arrange appointments if you have an app. Instead, individuals may schedule appointments with their doctors at a time that is convenient for them with only a few taps or clicks. This helps you and your patients save time.

From doctor’s perspective it helps in keeping track of all appointments and data entries in one place. It automates the appointment booking processes your staff may have trouble handling manually. 

A mobile app is also useful for keeping track of visits and increasing clinic-patient communication. When it comes to confirming, cancelling, or rescheduling appointments, this can save time and effort.

Key Features to Include in Your On-Demand Doctor’s Booking App 

The user profile includes information such as the user’s name, age, gender, and basic health information such as weight, height, blood group, and so on. The doctor’s profile, on the other hand, will include information such as their area of expertise, clinic location, visitation fees, and so on. We recommend treating the user’s profile page as their own health chart, and the doctor’s profile page as a part that contains everything, including their degree, specialization, and clinic photo.

Search for doctors/clinics

The Search option is the next must-have feature for doctor appointment app development. Your patients’ side of the user group should be able to search for doctors and clinics based on various criteria such as specialization, clinic or doctor name, wait time, visitation fees, and so on. Choose a large search filter menu to provide the greatest services to your users.

Appointment booking 

The function is, without a doubt, one of your app’s most basic features for finding doctors. The appointment booking feature you’re introducing should be part of a very basic interface, where choosing a doctor or confirming a time slot for arranging an appointment is quick and painless.

Patients will be able to choose a future date based on their availability, while doctors should be ready to accept or reject the consultation in real time based on their availability. Additionally, the app offers “Online Video Consultation” that allows the patients to take their medical consultation using video session. This not only saves time, but also helps in following “Social Distancing” protocols.

Feedback and Review

The feedback and reviewing helps in the betterment of the app performance, as well as improvising services. This further helps in enhancing your brand visibility, increasing your user base. When you act upon people’s feedback, they feel welcomed and happy. They like to use more of your app ensuring that their queries and other issues will be resolved.

Final Thoughts

So, in this post, you learned everything there is to know about developing On-demand Doctor App, including how they work and what features to look for when developing one. 

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By Anurag Rathod

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