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It’s difficult to predict what’s going to happen in the future, especially when you don’t know exactly how technologies are going to change over time. However, we can attempt to make educated guesses about what the future might hold in store for us, and it’s always fun to see how those guesses might pan out in reality. In 2022, mobile application development company will be completely different than it was in 2012, and this article will explain how and why that will be the case.

The best place to learn about app development

As mobile technology continues to advance, mobile app development is going to become more common. If you’re thinking about learning how to develop a mobile app, you should check out an app-development school near you. Here are some of the best places to learn about app development  Of course, there are many other great schools as well.

 Keep in mind that each school will have its own strengths and weaknesses. If you want to develop games, for example, one school might focus on making games, while another might be better at integrating advanced graphics. If you’re only interested in developing apps for iOS devices (like iPhones and iPads), then you should check out a course offered by a school that is focused exclusively on Apple technologies. Here are some of our favorite schools.

Top apps at the start of the decade

Many mobile app development companies and CEOs believed that apps would be all about utility. Some of the first successful apps included things like Twitter, Snapchat, Foursquare, and Yelp. It’s interesting to think back on what we thought mobile apps would be like at their height of popularity a decade ago. The best-case scenario was basically Facebook on a smartphone.

 Looking at mobile apps now, it’s kind of hard to imagine what they were like just a decade ago. Today, most people have a smartphone with access to thousands of quality apps. One of those apps is likely Facebook, which is still one of the most popular and widely used apps on any platform. Many believe that social media will eventually make its way into virtual reality and augmented reality.

Popularity Changes Over Time

Mobile app development has changed a lot over time. In its earliest days, mobile apps were quirky and crude. But as we approach a decade since Apple introduced its App Store, we’re seeing some incredible advances in functionality, design, and accessibility. It’s clear that mobile will continue to shape our future—and our wallets!—for years to come.

Keyword trends by year

Keyword trends are a good place to start planning what our app will do. The graph below shows us how frequently people searched for mobile apps over time

The most popular platforms over time

As of June, 2018, Android holds 82.3% of global market share while iOS has 17.7%. It is likely that we will see Windows Phone, Blackberry OS and Symbian OS fall below 0.1% market share over time. In January, 2012 Windows Phone made up 3.4% of market share while Blackberry had 5%. We can expect to see both platforms decline as iPhone and Android platforms increase at a faster rate than they are declining.

App Design Trends Through the Decade

Though it’s impossible to predict what technology will look like and how apps will work years from now, we can see which trends are emerging today. In fact, there are a few of them that are showing up across industries—and they can help guide your strategy moving forward. Here’s a look at four app design trends that should be on your radar now and throughout 2022

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