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The topic of smartphones is never ending whether it is an old smartphone or a new smartphone we always have our hands on it. With the advancement of technology as we see that there are so many smartphones launching literally each day and still getting sold out which means that we almost have high demand while it comes true buying of new smart phones. However, it is not necessary that you buy a brand-new mobile phone as there are old mobile phones to in the market. Don’t no one buys these old smartphones today as everything is up-to-date and everyone needs to be to that point, how does the new phones make a difference from the old phones.

Features we have in a new phone:-

  1. High megapixel Camera

Today we have camera in every single smartphone unlike the older versions of the smartphone. The camera in todays my phone is not just a normal camera but very high megapixel camera which gives you pictures and videos of superior quality. With the introduction of dual and triple cameras in the market in many smartphones this section of smartphones features has taken a huge Turn.

  • Bigger/internal storage space

    Remember the days when we had to insert a memory card or SD card into the slot of a smartphone? In the older mobile phones we never had a lot of memory storage in the internal Storage of the mobile phone but today we have mobile phones with such a high GB storage which can store many images, documents, videos or even high-end applications without inserting any kind of memory card externally.
  • Data connection

    Data connection is one of the few changes that new mobile phones have switch to.   We literally have internet data plans with such a lot of usage allowance per day so that you can browse the internet no matter where you are travelling throughout the day And  watch your favourite movies or TV shows while you are travelling. Also, the speed of the mobile data has comparatively improved as it has evolved from 2G to 4G and as predicted will evolve to 5G in the near future.
  • Multiple applications

    the older mobile phones did not have a large storage space and so you couldn’t store a lot of applications on it. Not did we have a huge number of applications back then which would be downloaded like today. Today every website itself introduces its sole application which can be downloaded and used for a better experience.
  • Touch screen display

    Touch screen display was introduced almost a decade ago but a whole touchscreen mobile phone was not here in the market until a few years. The touch quality in the older mobile phones was not on point and today we have all touchscreen mobile phone display with a smooth experience.

  • Virtual assistant

    if you are an android user you definitely know about your Google assistant and if you are an iPhone user you will know who Siri is. With just your voice detection you can now operate your mobile phone by calling out to your Google assistant or Siri who are your 24/7 virtual assistant.


So basically you have each and every thing in your mobile today which have reduced the involvement of other things like a whole physical camera, watch, Laptop or even your wallet as we have e-wallet today.

To enjoy all these features you have to have a perfect new smartphone with all the required features. You can be guided to buy this perfect smartphone according to the features that you require. You can approach which is an online website that will help you to choose the perfect smartphone for you. You can easily buy used or refurbished smart phones or sell your old mobile phones so that you can save a lot on your budget with all the details and offers that it has to offer.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.