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The overwhelming number of SEO Professionals optimise websites and improve their visibility on the web. When a person types a search query on

the web, search engines offer multiple results for the same. Websites that are optimised very well may rank in the top SERP pages.

In fact, the ranking of websites fluctuates every now and then. Search engines actively release new updates. It affects the ranking of many sites on the web. Furthermore, the preferences of Internet audiences change quickly. So, SEO Company in Bradford needs to optimise websites with the latest SEO practices. It helps to increase the ranking of websites and grab expected economic benefits. So, what are new SEO techniques you must use in 2019 to generate ample business opportunities? 

Table of Content:

1. Use Actionable Content for Website Optimisation

2. Focus on Voice Search

3. Optimise Your Websites for Alternative Search Engines Also

4. Video Marketing

5. A Better Understanding of User’s Need

6. Final Words

Let’s explore.

1. Use Actionable Content for Website Optimisation

Good content is the driving force behind search engine rankings. Nothing is going to replace it. High-quality content created specifically for your reader will help you to optimise websites easily, boost its ranking on the web, and maintain its credibility in the eyes of visitors and search engines. 

High-quality, meaningful, and SEO optimized content is precious stuff for all website owners. Due to a great difference between the demand and supply of quality content, many SEO professionals use low-quality content for

website promotion. It’s a suicidal practice. Google can punish your website for low-quality content or delete it from its server. So, avoid the use of

low-quality content in digital marketing campaigns. Your content should be logical, meaningful, and attention-grabbing.

Key features of useful content:

Features of Good contentBrief Explanation
Unique Title & SubtitlesUnique titles and subtitles help you to write high-quality content. Research and analyse popular trends on the web and frame impressive titles or subtitles that offer something new to readers.
Language StructureKeep the content language simple and straightforward. Use common words and familiar sentence structure as far as possible.
Proper placement of keywordsPlace keywords appropriately in your content. It should resemble the sentence flow and make some sense also. Avoid keyword stuffing.
Images, data, and video linksInsert all these in your content to make it more effective and convincing.
SummaryEvery content should have a brief summary outlining the main message of the writeup.
Say No to Silly ErrorsAll content writers are required to proofread the content, eliminate errors and make it more useful.

When you update a website with fresh content, take care of title tags, ALT attributes (for images), metadata, the external referring sources, product reviews, UGC, etc, very well. All these elements help search engines to find high-quality and information-rich websites/pages easily and display them in search results.

2. Focus on Voice Search

Voice search=searching something on the Internet through voice commands. Google reports that 20% of searches made from mobile devices are

performed via voice commands. As the number of Mobile Internet users are

increasing, so it is expected that the volume of voice search will increase

rapidly. So, optimise your website for voice search. Always remember that

voice queries are longer than text inputs. So, it’s logical to use low-frequency queries, popular questions from users, conversational language, reviews, and local SEO to optimise websites for voice search. It will give customers clear answers and useful information and help them make informed decisions quickly. You can hire the Top SEO Companies in United Kingdom to optimise your website for voice search and run a profitable online business.

3. Optimise Your Websites for Alternative Search Engines Also

Website optimisation in 2019 is a very tough task. Because of the strict SEO guidelines of Google, regular updates, and increasing competition in the market, even the most experienced digital marketing companies and individual SEO experts face difficulties to promote websites on Google and generate revenues.

Nothing is wrong if you get some additional traffic and business opportunities from alternative search engines. They prove to be a helping hand when your site’s ranking is down on Google and you are desperately looking for a speedy comeback. Based on your needs, optimise your website for alternative search engines also to get a competitive advantage over your rivals in the business in 2019.

4. Video Marketing

In 2019, video marketing is responsible for 80% of all traffic to websites. When searching for information, products, and services, users often turn to videos. So, if you want users to linger on your site and give multiple business opportunities, focus on video marketing. Create and promote interactive videos for your company, products, and services on video sharing websites. Also, include popular videos in general SEO activities. Join your hands with a Digital Marketing in Bradford to launch video marketing campaigns professionally and lift the business level tremendously.

5. A Better Understanding of User’s Need

When visitor’s land on your website, he/she pays attention to its design, ease of navigation, content, visual appeal and many other details. His/her behavior on the site depends on the impressions he/she receives. If your website is easy-to-use, the visitor will continue to move from one page to another in search of information and make transactions in the end.

One of the most important factors that prevent users from making a purchase on the site is the lack of trust. Now, search engines track user’s behavior on your website and display them in results accordingly.

Therefore, it is very important for you to monitor the traffic source, bounce rate, pages viewed by visitors, average time on site, actions, comments, and exit pages regularly and make vital changes in SEO campaigns accordingly. It facilitates the personalisation of digital marketing campaigns and helps to cultivate more business opportunities.

Final Remarks

Familiarize yourself with the latest SEO techniques to promote your business on the web in 2019. Offer unique and personalised solutions to the targeted audience to achieve your targets. Just use these organic SEO important to dominate the web in 2019 and thrive in the web-based business. Best of Luck!

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.