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Air coolers can be the perfect alternative to expensive air conditioners. With the sweltering heat of the summer months already in action, it is time for a counter strike. A cheaper air cooler price surely helps with the anxiety amidst the sultry temperatures.

However, choosing an air cooler is not easy. There is an assortment of choices to choose from based on functionality. So it is a more serious business than just choosing a model based on looks.

Based on functionality, air cooler brands have tried to innovate as much as possible even as the AC boom has pervaded the market. Although the innovations in air coolers are humbler, they still have improved with time. Moreover, air coolers are by nature eco-friendly and do not depend on chemical processes for cooling.

These coolers have a robust tank capacity that can suck the warm air in. The warm air is then run through water that is pumped up. This water absorbs the heat from the air and evaporates, rendering the warm air cool. This cool air is then circulated in the room with the help of fans. The cooler Symphony is a pioneer in envisioning a cooler world, miles away from the burgeoning threat of global warming.

Let us look at a few points that you need to consider before you invest in the eco-friendly alternative to ACs.

Types of Coolers

Firstly, you need to understand your requirement before you set out to buy a cooler. If you need your cooler to cover a bigger area, such as a large hall, you should go for a desert air cooler. These coolers are typically used in large corporate spaces.

The cooler Symphony has an interesting double-decker desert air cooler (model Sumo 75 XL DD) that uses i-Pure technology to make sure the room is free from various pollutants. The cooler has a 75-litre tank capacity that makes sure it is effective in rooms that are up to 50 sq. m. in area.

Consuming only around 350 watts of power and priced affordably, this is the cooler to go for. The Sumo 115 XL variety could be a great alternative if you have a smaller room and want to cut the budget a bit.

Personal air coolers and tower air coolers are generally preferred by those who have a limited area to cover. Some people prefer a window air cooler, since it can be fitted on windows and occupies zero floor space. Personal air coolers are highly energy-efficient as compared to desert air coolers, and take up much lesser space.

They are noiseless and are a great choice for your workstation at home. They are also fitted with wheels, so you can scurry them to any corner of the house. You have a lot of options pertaining to the size, shape, model, and colour of these coolers, so you can choose one that compliments your personality best.

Tower air coolers are slender and looming machines that slot the air above the waist, so you have better coverage. If you are aiming for a lower air cooler price, the Symphony Diet 3D 55i cooler could be the ideal choice.

The Most Important Features

While shopping for the perfect air cooler, you should watch out for its airflow and airflow distance. The best way to calculate the appropriate airflow value is by halving the volume of your room. The result you thus have should be the minimum CFM (cubic feet per metre) of airflow offered by the cooler.

Furthermore, you should enquire about the blade design of the cooler before making the purchase. The cooler Symphony has amazing combination blades that ensure airflow to every corner of the room. The honeycomb cooling pads and cool airflow dispenser make sure that the circulated air is cool enough to bring you maximum comfort.

You must realize that air coolers are not just about cooling; they are about maintaining hygiene. Since coolers use water, they are accountable for the breeding of mosquitoes. Modern air coolers come with anti-mosquito features, and you should make sure your cooler comes with such features. Additionally, air coolers should have dust filters so that the air in the room is essentially purified, with dust and germ removal.

Lastly, ease of control is a must. Smart coolers are now available in the market and these are Wi-Fi enabled, thus giving you more control over the cooler.

Managing Expenses Effectively

If you are worried about the expenses, you can visit the Bajaj Finserv for great discounts on air coolers. With the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, you could choose your favourite Air Cooler on EMI.

The store also offers a zero down-payment feature, which ensures that you do not have to pay a lump sum during your purchase. So, visit the Bajaj Finserv website today, and get your hands on a new air cooler model of your preference.

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