7 Must-Have Items for your Car Detailing Business

You can detail a car by hand, but having high-end auto detailing equipment cuts your labor time by half. You will also use fewer supplies when you have the right tools. In the long run, you will have more money when your labor costs are low. Further, you need the right supplies to get the job done. Here is what you need:

Sponges, Towels, and Leather Clothes

Sponges are highly absorbent and come in handy in lathering the surface of a car. Some people do not use sponges because they leave minute swirl marks on the surface. However, when used on surfaces that are not susceptible to scratches, the sponges are just fine. However, for delicate surfaces, you should use soft microfiber cloths.

Leather clothes, such as chamois leather, are highly absorbent, and you can use them to dry any surface. Just like sponges, some people prefer not to use leather clothes because they may leave swirl marks. Avoid synthetic leather and you will be okay.


Brushes remove dirt and grime that sticks on the interior and exterior surfaces of the car. You need a variety of brushes, depending on the level of dirt you need to remove. For instance, when detailing the wheels, you need wheel woolies, which have cylindrical designs to clean even the tightest of spaces in your wheels.

Wax and Sealant

These are two of the most important car detailing supplies. They offer the finishing touches in the detailing process. A sealant bond to the outer layer of the paint protects the car’s surface for up to 6 months. With sealant, the paint coat is protected from minor scratches and UV. Wax gives the surface of the car a shiny appearance and also protects the surface from UV radiation, dust, and other particles.

Water Hoses

In the hands of a professional detailer, water hoses can shorten the time it takes to clean a car significantly. The pressurized water blasts debris and dirt from the surface to facilitate fast cleaning. You can also use a foam cannon when washing your car for excellent cleaning services.

Car Vacuum Cleaner

A good car vacuum cleaner helps you remove all the dirt from interior surfaces. There are different types of vacuum cleaners to use, but the best needs to have high suction power for deep cleaning. You can go for a portable vacuum cleaner that you can bring anywhere you need to clean the car. These cordless vacuum cleaners may not have as much suction power as the corded cleaners, but they are highly versatile. A car vacuum cleaner can remove dirt from the irregular and hard-to-reach surfaces in the interior of a car.

Car Polisher

It is possible to polish a car by hand. However, your pressure will not be consistent on all surfaces, making the car look different in some sections. However, with a polisher, you will apply the polish evenly and consistently. You need one that offers variable speed settings. This gives you control over the speed you set when polishing the car. The speed and the pressure you use will depend on the products that you will be applying. You need a device that is not so heavy as a heavy device can strain your hands when polishing.

Cleaning Products

There are so many professional cleaning products for car detailers. There are soaps, shampoos, car wax, sealants, and several others. You can choose the best products based on the ingredients. These ingredients need to remove dirt with ease while being gentle on the surface of the car.

If a product has surfactants that can damage the surfaces, then you need to avoid it. You should check reviews of different products before shopping to ensure you have the best. Top products should restore the look of your car by removing unwanted particles and giving the car the shine it needs.

Other items you might need include a car detailing air blower and a pad washer. A pad washer cleans the pads that you use to polish and buff the surface of cars. The air blower, on the other hand, removes any water that may get into the tight spaces of your car in the windows and doors.