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Egypt is crammed with new possibilities and growing business potential. As technology takes root there, it has become evident that more and more people are beginning to depend on smart phone for practically all their needs. The latest to disrupt the market is the on demand multi service app called Gojek Clone.

The Concept Of On Demand Services

The ideology behind on demand services has been around for many years. People have always found comfort in being able to call service providers when the need arises to be gratified instantly. However, with the kind of lifestyles that we live and also partly because of geography, managing to find a service provider can be difficult. It is unwarranted to expect someone to be available on your beck and call all the time. This is where the app comes into picture.

Let us try to understand the challenges posed by earlier systems and how the current system of an all in one on demand multi service app helps with the help of a few examples. To begin with, we already know that the earlier concept of on demand services relied heavily on phone calls. People would call their service provider and ask if they are available, how much time would they take to reach to provide their services, what are the estimated costs and so on and so forth.

The problem does not lie in being able to reach out to your trusted service provider but to be certain of their availability. Few of the chief concerns are:

  1. What if the user calls the service provider only to find out that he or she is busy at the time that they need the service?
  2. How can the user tell exactly where the service provider is and how much time would it take for them to reach at the destination?
  3. What if the estimated charges are way out of the mark and the user is forced to pay a lot more?
  4. What if the known service provider does not have expertise in the services needed?

This is where Gojek Clone app development came into picture. The app provides a real time status of the service provider to the users. This means that they can now select the service provider that they wish to hire by seeing who has the desired expertise, who is available for the job at hand and how much would the job cost. Once hired, the app will also share the real time location of the service provider with the user so that they can know exactly when to expect him or her.

More Independence For Earning

The Gojek Clone app development definitely solves a lot of problems for the users, but it also forms an incredibly important tool to uplift service providers and to give them the right kind of means to increase their own revenue generation.

For example, a taxi driver may be getting by without the app, but by registering on the Gojek Clone app, they will now be able to make sure that they can get jobs even from people who are not in the immediate vicinity. Over and above this, the service providers will also be able to register for more than one service.

This means that in case a taxi driver isn’t getting too many rides from a particular area, he can switch to the delivery option ad start making deliveries. They can also make themselves available for any other kind of service that they have expertise in, like plumbing, electronics, handymen and so on and so forth.

The more these local entrepreneurs grow; the better is the overall state of the society. As more and more service providers become independent and increase their revenue, Egypt on the whole thrives.

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How Does The App Owner Earn?

The app works on a commission basis. This means that each time any one uses the app to hire any kind of service provider; the app owner instantly makes a commission on it. The Gojek Clone app offers over 70 different kinds of services which means that the app owner can continuously keep on earning without even having to offer a single service himself or herself!

All you need to do is purchase the Gojek Clone app from a reputed white label on demand Gojek Clone app Development Company that has already worked with clients from around the world and just sit back and relax as the app makes money for you.

The commission system in the application is designed to make sure that you can set a different commission percentage for different kinds of services. For example, you can keep the commission for taxi rides at 10% but for beauty services at 20% and food delivery from restaurants at 15%. This depends entirely on you. You can also change the commission percentage from time to time as per the market trends and rates of inflation.

Gojek Clone App Source Code

When you purchase the Gojek Clone app from a white label on demand mobile app Development Company, make sure that you also receive the Gojek Clone Source Code along with the app. The source code of the application is the basic foundation of the app which will allow you to make any kind of changes, modifications and upgradations if necessary with time.


Egypt is rapidly moving towards a more technically inclined business perspective. To make sure that you can rule the market and enjoy the benefits of all types of services that are rendered in the region, it is imperative that you purchase a good and functional Gojek Clone App from a reputed on demand Gojek Clone app development company offering white label services. Make sure that you get the Gojek Clone Source Code with the purchase of the app absolutely free.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.