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Gojek Clone App All-inclusive App  Fulfiling The Growing Demand Of Users

Gojek Clone App All-inclusive App Fulfiling The Growing Demand Of Users

Gojek App does not need any introduction. It remains the most preferred app of Indonesia because of the ability to provide multiple services under a single platform. On demand, services are increasingly becoming popular. Consumers like to avail themselves of on-demand services regardless they have to pay extra. The peace of mind and convenience it brings are unmatchable. If you are running a business offering multiple services, developing Gojek Clone App can be highly beneficial.

What Is Gojek Clone App?

Originally Gojek App, the Gojek Clone App is an inspiration, an idea taken to provide on-demand multi-delivery/services to the people. With stunning new assortment features to go with, Gojek Clone App comprises 60+ on-demand services primarily categorizing under Ride-hailing/taxi booking, On Demand Delivery, Services, On-Demand Services. and much more.

The Need Of Launching Gojek Clone Script App Solution

Downloading multiple apps, cluttering the phone along with maintaining profiles on each is messy and time-consuming. A super app like Gojek clone app is what your users need.

Whether it is taxi  booking, grocery shopping, need laptop from home, get beautician and more can be hadled through Gojek Clone App. It is one-stop solution that caters wide range of on-demand services of your customers.

We make it unique, more simplified for you:

Gojek clone app is a white-label source code app, integrated with prominent features like Multiple currency/language,  Responsive design, Free Website for the app, Free upgrades and bug support for 365 days. What’s more, read about our new version feature down here categorized accordingly.

Thus the app will give enable to  kickstart your business in a week in the countries like Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines or anywhere globally.

gojek clone app

How Gojek Clone App Can Fulfil The Needs Of Your Customers?

Today, users prefer on-demand app services over any other thing. Thus, it makes a strong reason to create the Gojek Clone app for reaching out to potential and existing customers.

Following are the highlights of how an app like Gojek is fulfilling the needs of the customers:

  • It offers a wide range of on-demand delivery services on the go
  • The app offers personalization services to the users, thus enabling them to have a pleasant shopping/delivery experience.
  • Ease of selecting the provider based on ratings, work history, location, and quotes.
  • Instant access to the on-demand services, mostly offering same-day services thus eliminating the wait time
  • The app operates with complete transparency when it comes to payments and leveraging services
  • It takes out the hassles of planning anything since the on-demand services are catered on the same day itself
  • The Gojek Clone App comes with a real-time tracking facility thus enabling the user to know when to expect their ordered deliveries

Gojek Clone App – Aim To Increase App Appeal & Usability

Super apps like Gojek are increasingly becoming the talk of the town. Because of their multiple attributes to serve the customers multiple services on-demand. Gojek Clone App lets you offer multiple on-demand services under a single platform. Because of its versatility, this super app is dominating the user’s lives.

Building an app likeGojek helps business ownersscale rapidly.

To start with the basic MVP model, the entrepreneurs can go on adding multiple services to attract customers. Furthermore, the Gojek Clone App source code helps saves the trouble of creating new apps for every new service when introduced. Thus everything can be amalgamated under one app.

Gojek Clone App Flawlessly Handles Taxi/Transportation Requirements

GoJek Clone App comes integrated with taxi ride-booking services. This feature enables the user to book cabs on-demand. Furthermore, it includes a Motoride, Carpooling, Airport shuttle. Thus it provides a perfect opportunity for those running Ride-Hailing Business.

The app aims to deliver on demand rides to the user requesting the ride through an app. The feature is designed keeping in mind the changing consumer’s behavior thus answering their needs in the best possible manner.

The superior feature includes:

  • Restricted Passengers Limit
  • Face Mask Verification
  • Safety Checklist
  • Safety Ratings & Reviews
  • Ride Cancellation
  • Apply Toll Cost Manually
  • Taxi Fare Calculation 2 Models – Fixed model and Incremental Model – For Taxi Module

Gojek Clone App Answer Consumer’s On-Demand Delivery & Pickup Orders

This app feature seamlessly manages all the on-demand deliveries and pickup requirements on the go. Thus, catering to the wide range of requirements from Food delivery, Grocery, Pharmacy, Wine, Water-bottle, Flowers & Gifts, and much more.

The feature is crafted to cater to the growing requirement of the delivery business anytime, anywhere.

The Gojek clone script solution developed by an on-demand app development company customizes and white-label. Thus supporting business goals with new version features, offering complete control over your business operations.

The superior features include:

  • Store Wise Commission
  • Day Wise Separate Timeslots
  • Item Name Searching
  • 18+ Age Confirmation
  • Voice Instruction for Store Delivery Drivers
  • Delivery Driver can have a Helper to assist him
  • Restaurants to upload Pictures of their Kitchens
  • Order Cancellation option for Store Delivery Driver
  • OTP Verification to Start the Task
  • Graphical Status of Rides and Order in App notification

Gojek Clone App Incorporating Other On-demand Services

The app lets you offer on-demand home-based services to your customer on the go. This includes Handymen services, Beautician Services, Maid cleaning services, Tow truck roadside assistance services, Snow Plowing services, Car washing, Babysitting services, and more to add. Thus serving both, users and service providers that promote business growth.

Furthermore, it comes inclusive with Delivery Genie (The driver will get your any stuff, buying from nearby Store as per given instructions when booking the service.) The delivery is made at the doorstep.

The delivery runner will pick you any item picked, drop it, or deliver it as how a user wants from the nearby location.

Hiring On Demand Clone App Development Company

It is easy to setup Gojek Clone App and launch it in the market in no time. However, the cost of developing the Gojek Clone App price depends on the kind of business model you build along with the customize feature and OS Platform.

Connect with an app development company with years of experience in launching on-demand multi-service apps like Gojek. Take the demo and place the order and launch in 5 days.

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