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Mobile applications have become an inevitable part of businesses weather be start-ups or already established brands. The reason being today end users switch on to the smartphone for just about everything irrespective of what product or service is being sought after.

Right from online shopping to performing exercises, doing yoga and meditation, booking movie tickets, booking hotels and flights, booking cabs, video calling in today’s pandemic times, and so much more, mobile apps can do everything. This is why we bring to you five absolute innovative mobile app ideas where startups can outsource to mobile app development services and make it really big with merely few players.      

Barter exchange app

There was a time when there was no money at all and people used to exchange good for goods for girls. This system was called barter exchange that existed several years ago and now the whole concept ceases to exist.

Today the concept can be brought back to life by introducing a mobile app allowing users exchange products for products, services for services, gigs for gigs, etc. It would be a wonderful idea for start-ups to achieve success achieved because there is practically no one out their offering such an app.

Imagine a mobile app wherein no money transaction is involved resulting in storage of no payment information via  cards, net banking, payment wallets, or private information. When there isn’t any payment information, there is no mobile app maintenance and hence a larger user base can be tapped.

Bike trip app

Bike trips have been exciting for years now with people planning out to different destinations on rented bikes. Imagine as a startup you can create a mobile app with the help of a mobile app development services offering firm having a tremendous potential to attract travel enthusiasts to book bike trips from within your app.

You can offer a range of bikes to people planning for an excursion or an adventurous trip on bike with their loved ones. Bikers do look for such apps where they can socialise and go on trips by communicating with each other to organise trips.

Disaster management app

Disasters cannot be avoided and hence we need to have apps let us know just before natural disasters are on the verge of occurring so as to find out ways for controlling them. Natural destructions are uncertain and so it becomes evident to have a platform that tells us what is going to happen, when, and why to be prepared for the unnatural.

This is another great avenue for start-ups to have an app where users can simply input the location information based on apps respond as to whether their region is prone to any catastrophe or not. This can play a vital role in saving a lot of lives, resources, time, money with less of mobile app maintenance required.

Search product by photo app

How great if it is to have an app determining the kind of product or service you want based on the image you provide? That’s another great idea for a start-up, an app that takes in the required information in the form of pictures, and delivers a response in the form of a product or service.

A lot of time it happens that people are not aware of the product name or do not know how to search for a service on Google. In such a scenario an app would be extremely useful to have the products or services suggested based on the pics fed into the app, and who better to guide you than a mobile app development services company.

OOH/DOOH advertising app

Out of home (OOH) or outdoor advertising is the most evergreen mode of marketing no matter what product or service you are into. Nowadays, businesses have gone one step further in opting digital out of home (DOOH) advertising, highly appealing and eye candy.

A mobile application based on OOH or DOOH concept enables users to perform activities surrounding outdoor advertising such as real-time modifications, ease of management, secured finances, report and analytics, and overall campaign planning. It is probably one of the best ideas with again no mobile app maintenance that would certainly be an ideal place for startup to be.

What’s your pick?

A mobile app sole primary purpose is not just about spreading brand awareness but even allowing users to reach a business in no time. However, due to so many apps launching every now and then, only an innovative mobile app can stand the test of time based on the creative inputs, since user loyalty matters a lot in the long run for any mobile app development services serving agency.

There are so many different industry avenues available for startup when it comes to mobile app, where they can innovate by implementing creative ideas to deliver unparalleled apps. Through this discussion we have tried to rub the  surface to simply give you a glimpse of what you can do and how far you can go in comprehending and catering problems of day to day lives.

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Rahim makhani CEO and managing partner at Nevina Infotech which is Enterprise Mobile App & Web Application Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by IoT app development services.

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